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    Reeferman's Hindu Kush x Haze vegging outdoors

    We put a few seeds, guess they were old, so what, came with one single female, first two available clones outside last week in april. Been in veg for eleven weeks and still it will be about 4 more weeks before they start flowering. Does it look anything like the description? Hindu Kush x Haze...
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    Two questions about choice

    When pollenchucking, you consider a S1 1) Will the outcoming seeds have any fertility issues, such not being fertile, (or am i eating too much monsanto corn)? 2) Will the outcoming seeds have turn-to-hermafrodite sensibility in them? (or will a strong father level with that?) I'd be happy...
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    El Perro de otro Planeta de Ojorojo

    Another AlienDog f2 Hermied, found a few nanners, but just picked 'em off as they were too promising to chop because of that. We'll see how it does outdoors. Danky thing, ken? 9 weeks today, not an amber trich on sight yet.
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    Winter trials, Ogkush/DPxUKCheese/WesternWinds and Blue Sonja

    I've managed to put a piece of plastic over a wooden kinda structure and presto, got me a greenhouse to play in winter. I've had from last year this Cheezecake (UKCheese X WesternWinds) and some untried OGKush (sfv bx1) X Durban Poison, both crosses from my pal and fellow member SoftDrugBaron...
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    A worthy male for a new life Spain

    I participate in a small spanish forum in which we're doing a joint project, mostly entertainment, but of course we'd like results too. We're now boldly searching which male. Conditions we'd like to -Short(ish) flowering period -Large yield -Non European. -Strong. -Versatile for crossing...
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    To Gaspar Fraga.

    I guess not many people ever heard of him, unless you're from Spain and belong to the canna community. Gaspar Fraga passed away last friday, after a battle with lung cancer. He was one of the main and best loved contributors from the largest spanish speaking forum, cannabiscafe, known there as...
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    Freak Brothers

    Introducing old doped glories to the new generations seems to bring a bit of new ideas to boring mainstream disaster movies. As well as the Howard Marks played by that Rhys Jones guy, which i think is soon to hit the screens, the other characters asking for it where the Freak Bros. Now, here we...
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    Fox Farm Nutes

    Hello there. Wonder if anyone could tell me where to get this stuff, if poss in Europe, preferably Spain, or anywhere that delivers considered. Specially this one in the photo is what i'm after. Been googling and so far i found nothing in this continent. Thanks
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    Creationist or Darwinist?

    I remember other kids from my school far uglier and radically incapable of riding a skateboard, let alone something like that.
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    g13xwidow roasted hazelnuts toffee

    Friend of mine came to visit and i photographed the water hash he made the day before, still wet, then sundried it here. It possibly needed curing too, now's too late for laments, and in any case it tasted beautifully roasted hazelnuts and the smell was even better. Photogenic hash too
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    Mr Nice Superstar?

    Well, that's a movie i'd like to see.
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    Seedrun indoor for growing outdoor. Organic

    Ok, here we go with the choices. The seeds started: Cheezecake. (UkCheese Fx Westernwinds M) A number by SoftDrugBaron. Germ rate 15/15 OGKush bx1 SFV Fx Durban Poison M. Same creator, these haven't been tested before. 12/10 Herijuana IBL. Sannie. 10/10 (although theres another ten seeds...
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    Criolla Cubana

    Hello. I've recently have been given half a dozen seeds of a cuban landrace, known there as "criolla", spanish for creole. Marijuana comsumption in Cuba is well restricted, and growing it means living in the sierras and selling the stuff makes it even more complicated. These particular seeds...
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    Future of the Seed Bizz

    If I'd have to resume in a few lines how the seed market is today, i'd say there's a preference for regular seeds, -that feminized aren't gaining many supporters, as well as autoflowering aren't raising much expectations, -that we're witnessing the first fusions, (more than just...
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    Indoor+LST+Scrog+Outdoors in one? Thunk again

    Well, that sound a bit crazy, yeah, but that's my Thunk's life story. She was born under lights, but very soon made clear it needed some bending as it shoot up. So i've started kind a lst, bending it over until she again made it clear the box wasn't enough. Then i took her outside, clipped some...
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    Camella rara

    Resulta chocante ver a semejante potra metida en esos arrozales. Luego escuchas la canción y como que se ve de otra manera.
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    Parasites! Send the Gurkas!

    Hello. I've been talking to a friend who entrusted a study for his company to the Kiel Uni, and with the results he singled out this dvd and made it open for divulging reasons. Many of you heard about this pest control through predators, but here's an opportunity to see them at work. The...
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    What's the best time of day for harvesting?

    Years ago i've read in Mel Frank's Cultivators Guide that the difference in the thc percentage varies according to the time of day the plant is harvested outdoors, i think with some graphs and all, and experimenting on a plant harvesting the buds at different time of day which showed different...
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    Hello. I've been asked about this bank. I've read they're workin with swiss and american strains and stop, i know nothing else, not even where they come from. Their web site is in "comin soon" mode, but elsewhere i can't find much info on them. Anybody who knows or better, tried any of their...
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    Afghan/Skunk x Afghan/Haze

    Just received a pack from the last auction. I wanted to try some crosses with it, thinking it was a not too long flowering, save for haze phenos, but the few info i've found on it talks of a 100 days into flower and counting. Not that i mind waiting for the plants themselves, given the quality...
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