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  1. Patriot

    My New Strains

    I am Patriot been here since 2003 watching ...then became a member...Since many things happened and may try and errors ..But i can say that I got it down .lol I will see who is interested first then i will post if needed , no interest no post... My crosses are as fallows 1st,,,DZ...
  2. Patriot

    1st Time!!! Carpenter Ants

    I have never had this problem but carpenter ants are eating the stalk..peeling it out and away.....I have also some type of burrowing warm that its killing my flowering plants...any help please!!!!!
  3. Patriot

    Sshxdiesel It From A Bag.

    Well after 5 years of not posting and many grows under my belt, i am going to give it a try in the site. I will be growing a very nice SSHxDiesel that I obtained from a bag...there were 8 seeds in an Oz, so someone didn't do their work right but I rip benefits from it bc from the seeds, I have...
  4. Patriot

    From Cfl To Led

    Has anyone experienced light burnt from changing a plant from a CFL mother a flower chamber with 2 300 w LED ...temp at 72 and humedity at 44%........when i changed it it looked like it was burning slowly, never affected the buds, but defenitly dried and burnt some leaves.....i have...
  5. Patriot

    black, huge, seed

    i got 1 seed in a bag of good stuff...anyways, i germinated it...and nothing, later it came up and didnt want to grow, very week seedling,...anyways, it took me almost 1 month to get her to about 1 inch tall..then a miracle happpened...i placed it outside and bammm....took she is...
  6. Patriot

    Starting from seed

    My grow room needs updated but here it goes/ my last run fail misserably. only one popped and trying to keep her alive...ratio 1/12 not good. Sannies Jackberry F2 (3) 2 freebees - (6) 3 hazes and 3 kushes Dingleberry Blue (mine) still playing w it Blueberry Sativa (3) , Sannies...
  7. Patriot

    lumens vs watts

    I have a question for my peeps. For my indoor grow am I looking for watts or lumens. I have found some LED lights that produce about 9000 lumens and are only 25 to 30 watts....ny imput will really be helpful. Thanks guys :banana1sv6:
  8. Patriot

    Blueberry Sativa

    Has anyone grow her before...i will like to know some info if someone has...Also love to see pics of her...havent even seen them in Sannies site...unless i missed them somehow..
  9. Patriot

    The new bug!!!!

    I am trying to start my new grow and I am running to a new problem....STINK BUGS...they like to eat the does anyone have any idea of how to get rid of them.
  10. Patriot

    How long before a flower seeds!???

    Ok i need some help! I had a plant that stunk like burnt rubber, my whole house. The plant turned to be a male to i milked it..let it flower and took some pollen from him, he even had crystal formation on the stem of thwe plant...sticky, smelly fucker...anyways I want to know once you apply...
  11. Patriot

    Leaves rusting!!!:(

    Hey Guys I want to ask for s doc...any doctros in the house..... Whats wrong with my baby....the leafs are rusting!!!!thats that make sense? never seen it before....any help please>????
  12. Patriot

    Help me...recognize her???

    I know that its probably not easy to recognize a plant by just looking at it but I am sure that someone or more than one person here has enough knowledge as to know what type of plant it is and maybe give me some clues....just maybe. All i can say is that came in an Oz i bough with a...
  13. Patriot

    2nd Interesting Set-up...

    Hello friends, thanks for fallowing my last one, i still have to post my dry pics but they will come with time...not too happy about the outcome but this one will be Still CFL- equivalent to 150 w a piece, i ll have 4 of them, 2 more than before. Some organic peruvian...
  14. Patriot

    how can i re veg my plant?

    I Was wondering if anyone knew good ways to rob buds from my own plants without killing them. And once robbed can they be put into vegetation again, to make them bigger and then start it all over?? I was wondering if anyone could help shed some light :party0042:
  15. Patriot

    11 fingers on the leafs (normal?)

    My plants are going fine but some of the fan leafs and others are showing 11 fingers to it....too many i though but hey the do look good. Anyone ever seen 11 before>
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