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    Tolpans "Happy Brothers"

    wow, our days arent that off at all. looking good tolpan.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    end of week four starting to boom on me, it got rootbound after two weeks of 12/12 so i bumped up the container size again. the roots and the males were super thick, almost like buried yarn. havent seen that on any other plant yet.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    here she is in all her glory :smiley_joint: bottom branches are just screaming clone me.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    its okay karma, since imo by looking at the uniformity within the males i can tell this cross is pretty damn stable. the #2 and #4 males leveled off almost idetical after topping with an even multi-top canopy. the other 2 males didnt form a uniform canopy but both are similar to each other as...
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    sexual update drumroll please...... four males, one female. better than a detroit lions record and getting zero atleast.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    instead of selecting, im putting all the shots i took up. each one of the five are atleast 12" tall, peaking at about 15 with the tallest. when i was takin pics i think i saw some pre-flower nuts on one so i may just go ahead and flip them to 12/12 at the end of the week. ive tried doing the...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    notorious b.i.g. - my downfall, a line in it pertains to my life perfectly right now.... :stonedsmilie:
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    POLL : Hash vs. Keif vs. Oil

    i rank them... 1. bubble hash 2. kief 3. bho for taste and flavor bubble hash kills it, followed by kief and the bho imo. if bho was more temperature stable it would rate higher with me for its potency, but the flavor just isnt the same as the other two.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    the HB bx's respond excellent to fim'ing. 3 of the 5 have 4+ tops now. I just took pics to upload but realized the memory card is missing, so theyll be up later today. theyll be flipped to flower in two weeks.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    yes, indeed. some asshat stole my original camera and i just got a new one finally the other day. ive fim'd the hb bx's in the last few days and plan on vegging them a few more weeks before flip. theyve been getting gh 3-part in 1 1/2 m and g, 1 b per gallon for the last 2 weeks. HB bxs are in...
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    Canna BioGen - Taskenti - 5 weeks - Finish

    about time i get to watch a grow of this, been wanting her for a good minute now. on with the show!
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    sorry bout the delay, had to deal with missing camera issues.... but anyways, on with the show. Something, either in the dirt or whatever, keeps knocking off seedlings. I lost another HB bx to this occurance, bringing my total down to 5 still rolling. theres no signs of bugs or deficiencies so...
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    reefermans private stash seeds on the farm next week

    i got some RM kodiak gold, potent purple, and g13 x blueberry sativa that need to be f2'd asap it sounds like.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    welcome welcome everyone. karma, i was wondering if you could tell me a little about the chemDkush pheno used in the bx. i can pick the chemD and the HK phenos out of chemDkush ix-1 all day.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    sup astartes, yeah these will veg under cfls/150w hps will the gooeys flower. i plan on lst'ing and fim'ing em while they veg as well. i dunno if i have the patience to veg under the big light lol.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    here we go... do they show... yup they do, got 10/10, perfect germination. 2 went to sleep on me and one is kind of stumbling along, but the rest are reaching hiiigh for the sky.
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    a Raptor and his Happy Brother

    welcome welcome everyone to a little next off in my neck of the woods. I had been chosen by karma to test run his happy bro bx1, with is his happy brother cut x (happy brother x chemDkush IX-I#3). they just hit the paper towels, but so far all have little taproots poking. stay tuned :afroweed:
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    to all g13haze hybrid testers

    much respect ojd
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    Looking for 3 Happy Brother BX1 Testers

    does thcbay have them already?
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    ? About Lavender x SR71 PK

    do it up zoo.
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