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  1. Pisces

    2kw Tent Grow

    So, a local buddy of mine and I are going to be germinating a bunch of seeds this evening Unfortunately, we had to chop down all of our mother plants eventually due to a strange virus they received from accidentally cross contaminating them with unhealthy clones that were given to me from a...
  2. Pisces


    Looking good KC420….. can't believe I missed this thread til now. Subbed!
  3. Pisces

    2kw Tent Grow

    Wow…'s been a minute. Think it's time I rekindle the fire in here.
  4. Pisces

    Best Value Vac's Vac Ovens Vs Dabzpro Vac Ovens

    None of the chambers they sent me would reach full vacuum even with 3 different Brand New Pumps. The heating matt they sent me had to be re-wired because two of the wires were disconnected from the unit upon arrival. Customer service are refusing to refund my money even though I sent them...
  5. Pisces

    Best Value Vac's Vac Ovens Vs Dabzpro Vac Ovens

    Don't waste your time or $$$$ …. Best Value Crap!!!
  6. Pisces

    Turn Your Reclaim Into Someone elses Medicine!!

    Vermont, you lost me… are you talking about regular black resin that builds up in regular (NON BHO) glass pipes & bongs? If so, that stuff is completely worthless as it contains moisture and other crap in it, which cannot be pulled from the resins so it will most likely taste really awful.
  7. Pisces

    Turn Your Reclaim Into Someone elses Medicine!!

    Hey LittleDabbie & Vermont…fwiw, if you ever get a chance, order the Dab'n'Flo adjustable Ti nails. I order nuthin but the "Heavy Hitters" or the "HH" versions when i order. The heads can be replaced while the stem and counterweight (which is really just another small head) lasts forever...
  8. Pisces

    Looking For Best Thread For New Hydro Grower

    Passive Hydro DTW ……… nuthin comes close!
  9. Pisces

    Rockwool Issues, No Idea What It Could Be....

    Wobbly Goblin, can you please show me what your plants look like while being fed a PH of 5.1 to 5.3 in rock wool……..??? Thanks in advance!
  10. Pisces

    sprayer's, does anybody make a decent one?

    Solo 420 2-Liter One Handed Pressure Sprayer!!!! Solo 420 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer _______________________________ The 2-liter has an extended arm for those hard to reach spots…while the 1-liter does not. I also have the 1-Liter version and both have lasted me for over three years...
  11. Pisces

    Bayer 3 in 1 Tree and Shrub, nitrogen toxicity, help!

    I've used Bayer Tree & Shrub in the past and never had any issues. ..ever. So i'm beginning to believe that something else here is the culprit. Fwiw, Just add the Bayer T&S to your nutrients, mix well, and water your plants like usual. 45ml per gallon! No need for a foliar since it is a...
  12. Pisces

    Hi Inthegorge… just sent you an email form the state of AZ. Be sure to watch for it! Take care~

    Hi Inthegorge… just sent you an email form the state of AZ. Be sure to watch for it! Take care~
  13. Pisces

    Turn Your Reclaim Into Someone elses Medicine!!

    Hey KushNDabs…. the darker ones are made with the 4ml coconut oil per gram of claim. The lighter ones were made with 15 ml coconut oil per gram of claim. I personally like the stronger ones but i dab all day. So I'm used to it. If i give one of the stronger ones to a friend, they always...
  14. Pisces

    Turn Your Reclaim Into Someone elses Medicine!!

    Yea, I never throw out my claim either…. I end up cleaning my rig with a heat gun and then once the claim is on pyrex, I purge it again and then add 4 to 5 ml of coconut oil per gram of claim. The coconut oil allows the claim to pass through the liver and kidneys a lot easier which will...
  15. Pisces

    Acetone extraction- The Ultimate

    Subbed….. I too am curious.
  16. Pisces

    Harvest time again!

    Haven't seen too many of Loran's LBL done outdoor let alone done right like that! Great job all around man and thanks again for sharing your bountiful harvest. Truly inspiring to say the least.
  17. Pisces

    new grower knows nothing!!! help

    Or why not advise him to just go and grab himself a T-5 fixture and be done with it already?
  18. Pisces

    How to make Absolute Shatter using a Thermos

    Did you use the Thermos method like I illustrated in this thread?
  19. Pisces

    rock wool?

    Looks like what your experiencing is Mag deficiency imo…… looks like you should've never left the epsom behind. Also, you should have covered the top of those cubes with panda film …. looks like the algae has really taken over. Algae in and of itself isn't bad but gone to that extreme will...
  20. Pisces

    Cops are so out of control these days!

    Hey deacon…. the old 900 block in the old LA county jail used to be the worst part. That was considered intake back in the day when you could wear your own shoes and carry around a roll of quarters… Thats until someone(s) come and jack them. Could be the inmates….could be the cops. In that...
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