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  1. Green Dot

    Sour Dawg - (aj Sour Diesel X Tres Dawg)

    Another masterpiece from JJ and the Top Dawg Crew... Ive said it once, ill say it again, these guys are the masters of the chem-line hashplants. There is no competion. These are so stanky and greasy its hard to even say what compares. In nature, im sure no animal or human would dare get the...
  2. Green Dot

    DMT - Sour Bubble Bx1 Ix3

    Ive been a lifetime fan of BOGs work, goes waaayy back to the Overgrow days and the infamous vacuum cleaner trademark lol... Just thought I would share my findings on grindhouse expansion on bogs sour bubble.. To this day, this is the most potent herb and concentrates that I have ever come...
  3. Green Dot

    Green Dot Labs Classified Forensic Files

    It couldn't have timed out better to run a bunch of Original Bubba Kush hybrids as the summer comes to an end and cooler nights become more prevalent. Plants will turn every shade of purple there is and resin production will go through the roof. That said, we are extremely happy to work with one...
  4. Green Dot

    The History of OG Kush

    I sit here thinking about all of the time I have wasted sifting through forums to gain insight as to what OG Kush is, where it came from, etc... All for nothing. The atomic bomb was dropped yesterday on the Adam Dunn show as to the origins of OG Kush... For anyone who cares about OG, even...
  5. Green Dot

    Stardawg (Chem 4 x Tres Dawg)

    Here is our flagship strain at Green Dot Labs. Savory like a T-bone steak kind of Dank. Mega Ultra yields of the dankest bud that you have ever dreamed of having in your pipe. They turn completely black around day 45 and just slather on the resin like no other. Her hashish is out of this world...
  6. Green Dot

    ONYCD (Chem '91 x Tres Dawg)

    These are simply amazing. Arguably the best tasting plants we have found in our long journey sifting through the treasure trove of Top Dawg gear. The live plant resin we make from these is out of this world dank. The synergy created from the rich terpenes and high cannabinoid content will have...
  7. Green Dot

    Tre OG (Tahoe OG x Tres Dawg)

    Just wanted to give a big Thank You to JJNYC and crew for putting out this ridiculous fire. Green Dot Labs are avid rabid fans of TDS gear... This OG will turn completely black like our stardawg and ONYCD in colder months. She has an amazing OG Kush aroma with a thick musky chem bottom end...
  8. Green Dot

    Star Tripper

    Hi guys, I have some updates from Mota's Star Tripper. I have 7 females and they are virtually spitting images of eachother. Only one is about 90% sativa, the rest are about 70%. They all carry the exact same terpene profile. They smell just like 409 glass cleaner with added creamy menthol...
  9. Green Dot

    The history of chemdawg

    I thought you all would like this... From the horses mouthes
  10. Green Dot

    PNW Roots epic Dank

    Lets just get right to it... Blue Alien
  11. Green Dot

    Twisted Fruit V.2

    I've been wanting to post this thread for awhile... For whatever reason, I can't seem to find all of my pics from the seed run, so instead here are my 2 keepers from the clone runs This one smells like you stuck your nose into a plastic container of Country Time Pink Lemonade powder. It's rare...
  12. Green Dot

    Green Dot Labs Loompa Farms Grows

    Whats up guys! It's super cool to see Loompa back online, I've been a long time fan of Loompa's work and finally have an opportunity to dig into some of his lines. A few very kind souls blessed me with the Yeti F1s, OGsquared, and Yeti F3s and all of them are rolling strong. I will document...
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