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    Y'all breeders better patent your stains
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    Stoner Thoughts And Toasted Talk

    So I wanted to make a thread dedicated to those weird, or hilarious thoughts we have while stoned. Or the funny conversations we have when we're nice and toasted. Or even just anything that blows your mind. So here is what inspired this thread. I'm driving down the road and I catch something...
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    Any idea what these are?
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    Solow Grows Uzi Cookies

    What's up y'all? First of all, I wanna start this journal by giving a huge shout-out to @JWM2 for the beans. People like him are what makes our community great. My whole grow pretty much went to shit and was full of herms. And he was right there to selflessly help me out during tough times. So...
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    Can Stress/environmental Factors Cause A True Hermaphrodite?

    I'm creating this thread because I seem to hear a lot of different opinions on this subject. Anyone who has seen my other threads knows I have recently found a couple true herms in my grow room. By true Herm, I mean it's not nanners, but both male and female parts. Some say I could have played...
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    Identifying Sex, And White Growth

    I put this 4 kings in my flower tent almost 2 weeks ago. It kinda looks female in some spots but male in others. It has almost no hairs but it has what looks like a calyx, but with a white growth coming out the side and not the tip. I tried to get pics but it was hard to get.
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    Rdwc Air Pump Size?

    What's up guys, I am currently building my own RDWC system and I'm worried the air pump I have might be too small. It is 20W, 45 L/min. My system is a 6 bucket system with 1 control bucket. They are each 4 gallons. Will that be big enough? How do you figure out what size you need? Here's a pic
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    Random Grow Journal (multi-strain)

    This is a separate journal I am keeping sperate from my main grow to avoid any confusion. I am just kinda winging it and have no real long term plan. I have 2 going that I popped from some Mexican brick weed. I still got this peyote critical struggling to survive I got a sour Larry lime...
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    When And How Often To Foliar Feed?

    I was looking over my nectar for the gods sample kit, and I think I may try the foliar feeding. The instructions aren't very detailed beyond how much to use, though. I have been researching but get conflicting opinions on the subject, so I thought I would see if any of the farmers here have any...
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    Seedling Not Growing

    So this is my side project I have been doing in addition to my main grow. This peyote critical will not fucking grow! First of all, I should mention it's only 1 of 2 seeds from Barney's farm that popped for me out of 6. The other one died. Here is a comparison picture. I planted the one on...
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    Sour Larry Lime Pebbles #9

    I got these today. I will update here when they pop.
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    Is This Abnormal?

    Does anyone else see this? I thought it looked weird.
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    Spots On Leaves

    Here is what I got going on, can anyone give me a general idea as to what could cause these issues on my upper fan leaves. It took a turn for the worse after the last watering. It got half dose of mega crop. Here is the full plant. I was told I was getting light burn from the LED I had in...
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    Yellowing Too Much?

    Hey guys, I got another newb question... I'm almost 5 weeks into flower and got quite a bit of yellowing on the bottom and it seems to be spreading faster. Today I gave it a couple tbsp of big bloom with it's watering. Last watering I gave it 3/4 strength tiger bloom. Is this something I...
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    Leaves Appear Plastic

    So I went the longest I have ever went without checking on my plants(1 day! LOL) anyway, I went in today and it appeared almost plastic. It didn't appear that way to me before. This is my first grow. Does this look normal? This was a few days ago.
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    Tiny Orange Balls

    I've seen a few of these on this plant. Tiny little orange balls on random places on the stem. Anyone seen this before? Here's a pic... It's on the stem directly to the right of that bud in the center...
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    Hairs Turning Orange - Week 3

    Hey guys, concerned newb here. Flipped to flower 22 days ago. I was admiring my ladies tonight and noticed a couple buds with orange hairs already. I thought it was too soon, but like I said, I'm a newb lol. Is this normal? Or is it a sign of the plant being unhealthy? Pics...
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    Measuring Height For Lst / Mainlining

    Sorry if this is a dumbass question. But I was curious how to measure your height when using LST or Mainlining method. I am told plants can double or triple in size when flowering. So here is my question. How do you measure the height? For example, my plant may be 5 inches off the ground. But...
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    My First Grow Ever (sour Diesel)

    Hey guys. I just started my first grow and I'm looking for input,good or bad... I got 3 fem sour diesel from seedsman. They're in a 5x5x6.5 with a gavita 6/750 de. Grown in FFOF. About a month old now. I am going to try mainlining with lst so i can keep them short and don't burn them. Here are...