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    Franchise Genetics Grown Outdoors

    Looking really great ken. Even if you don't see me... I'll be watching. Best of luck. :lurking:
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    Perpetual Urban Organic Adventures with Steely

    My libertarianism sometimes overlaps with other areas of interest in my life. Unfortunately a few posts I made in another thread were deleted by a mod here. I abhor censorship. So I've decided to move my journal and comments elsewhere. Thanks for your visits and comments. Diary closed.
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    Amanita Muscaria mushrooms!!!!!!

    Great thread! It was once common knowledge among aminita heads that you do not go pee while dosing because your pissing away your buzz. lol I was once known as the ShroomKing.
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    Hows this happening?

    Definitely is not N toxicity. I have been dealing with N toxicity in my garden.I would look at in this order: Overwatering, pH low, or as Sea suggests VPD.
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    SnowdogDiesel x Sourbubble and FireDog!

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    Green Dot Labs Classified Forensic Files

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    Scientific papers on fast curing

    Again with your useless links .... You have only confirmed my opinion of you. I only hope that others see you for what you are.
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    Scientific papers on fast curing

    I see that you left a cute little condescending wiki link. Is your PhD in research technology? I was able to overlook your general better than thou attitude to some degree in the other thread but I've seen enough from you to speak my mind freely. @YarraSparra you are all filler and no...
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    Our Strawberries...4 pheno types!

    Can't wait to try some and grab a pack! That strawberry creme looks nice but number two ! I'm drooling ! Thanks Bog.
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    Where is that pine come Xmas tree strain @ ?

    I had it in 2007 in Tampa FL area. It was that fluffy limegreen piney Xmas tree bud I hadn't seen it like ten years , but it's still out there Somewhere. Ps rolled a normal size doob of it and it almost knocked me out. Had to go lay down till my head stopped spinning. Lol Peace
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    Hey from the UK!

    Welcome to the farm.
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    TENT GROWING. Questions and need help

    Not at all. You need carbon filters if your growing dank. Good luck.
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    Sayin hi!

    Welcome to the farm ! Let me get an order of McDank McNuggs please.
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    Welcome to the farm.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the farm!
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    Perpetual Urban Organic Adventures with Steely

    Well sexing is complete on latest seed popping. 13 seeds popped I had 4 runts , 5 males and I got 4 nice females. 2 female super silver haze 1 female dawgtowndaze 1 female BAMF OG. All of my sweet smelling Dream Kush were boys :( unfortunately. Here's dream kush boys saying goodbye...
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    Cali water shortage, What`s at stake for MMJ ?

    I've decided to stop using my RO system. That will cut my water use for my medical cannabis by 1/2. If my plant health is effected I will reconsider. This is the best I can do. Hope everyone is conserving where possible. Peace.
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    New paint off gassing problem.

    I use kilz too , and around my plants at times. Great product. Good info here. Thanks.
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    Perpetual Urban Organic Adventures with Steely

    My latest batch of Kimbo is pink when you crack open a nug.
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    Anyone use light movers?

    Running some comparison tests between trich maturity and lighting and feeding. I seem to notice denser buds but slower trich maturity under HPS. Less dense but faster trich maturity under MHS and results under T5s seem mixed. But I'm still early in testing. My thoughts and tests are geared...
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