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  1. Vince.indicaguy

    Bruce banner 6 weeks into flower

    Bruce banner 6 weeks and half weeks into flower, organic feed medi one kit with terpinator. Organic soil.
  2. Vince.indicaguy

    Bruce banner 3 weeks into flower

    Hey just got into week 3 of flower of my beautiful Bruce banners. Feeding them medi one kit along with terpinator. (Just added to line up)light is between 12-15” away from canopy and feed the girls twice then water once. Every 3 days. Just did last defoliation of flower time to let these buds...
  3. Vince.indicaguy

    Bruce banner 2 weeks into flower

    Here’s my Bruce banner organic grow 2 weeks into flower
  4. Vince.indicaguy

    My first indoor grow! Bruce banner

    Hey so I just started growing indoors and was wondering if anyone would have any pointers or if they would like to see how my girls are making out. I’m new to the cannabis community online but love the input talking to people at local grow shops so figured I would reach out online to anyone...
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