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    Yet another new member

    Welcome to the farm Dan!! Peace Blackbird
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    Hello from Oldbay

    Welcome oldbay, always glad to see you!! Peace Blackbird
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    jeffman checkin in

    Welcome Jeffman, always glad to see ya around mate!! Peace Blackbird
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    Hi Militia...

    It won't be soon enough as for as we are concerned Mota, K+ to ya!! Peace Blackbird:cool0041:
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    What is everybody putting outside this year?

    Grendel criically smashed(white rhino x critical mass) GG x DP ( Esbens) ISS hopefilly more
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    Old skool lungbusters.........

    I am having trouble getting the image of Mota laying, with a fat chick on his chest!! Peace Blackbird
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    Whiff of change in US medical marijuana policy

    I am from Missouri, it's the show me state!! I'll believe this when I see it!! Peace Blackbird
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    autoflowering strains

    The auto affie clone, I'll be glad when it gets passed around enough in US where it is easier to find, like a needle in a haystack for sure!! Peace Blackbird
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    What's the future hold?

    Sounds like you got a good plan there Mota, lots of tasty strains. Peace and stay safe!! Peace Blackbird
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    Hello from the Midwestern United States

    Welcome to the farm, Midwest outdoor grower here, see ya on the forums!! Peace Blackbird
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    Where is Motarebel?

    Saw he was online this AM, but didn't talk to him Shoes, hope all is well with ya my friend!! Peace blackbird
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    New beans!

    Somthing tells me it's goona take some deep pockets to grab the HB, and deep pockets is somthing I don't have these days!! Peace Blackbird
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    great site!

    Welcome to the farm!! Peace Blackbird
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    Hello People!!

    Welcome to the farm !! Peace Blackbird
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    yo from the east coast

    Welcome to the farm Smoke!! Peace Blackbird
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    Hi All

    Welcome to the farm!! Peace Blackbird
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    Hello Folks

    Welcome tothe farm!! Peace Blackbird
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    Whats up everyone!New member from NE USA.

    Welcome to the farm!! Peace Blackbird
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    Welcome Ym420, I seen you at TCC!! Peace Blackbird
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    Welcome Dub, enjoy the place!! Peace Blackbird
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