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  1. Misshroom

    Ph Problems

    Lemon haze, 36 days into veg: I'm using cheap soil, 16L smartpots, organic vermiculite and perlite. 250w hps, 200w cfl. Biobizz nuts - only giving them 2ml alg-a-mic and 3ml fish-mix every feeding with 3L water. ph range from 6.3 - 6.6 but my runoff is shit, every time. 5.2, 5.4 and getting...
  2. Misshroom

    Could Anyone Lend Me Some Advice?

    Hi who ever stumbled across this thread. I'm looking for some advice, this is my first time. Ye okey, so i just watered my plant last night until it startet running, now it's already light and dry in the bottom. the plant is lemon kush, 25 days, pot is 2,3gallons or 9L, 250w hps and 200w cfl...
  3. Misshroom

    Zelda's Green Adventure.

    Heello, and welcome to my green adventure noob diary! :love1: I'm growing in a 90x90x185cm Secret Jardin Darkroom, under a 250w hps and a 200w cfl. 420m3 duct fan, 380m3 filter and a soundproof ventilation duct + humidifier, hygrometer and fans. I'm using soil, perlite and vermiculite...
  4. Misshroom

    160mm Fan & 125mm Carbonfilter. Possible?

    So i have a soundproofed duct fan 160mm and a carbonfilter 125mm In norwegian they are just called reduction, and this reduction would be fitted between the fan and filter. wich is what it's sounds like. It makes two part that do not have the same messaures and make it work. I was woundering if...
  5. Misshroom

    Closet Grow In The Making

    Hi, first time grower. Only a ghetto grow in my storage shed, inside my apartment. So far. By the end of next week, I'm planning on making a grow closet. Mr.closet is 94cm wide, 160cm high and 52 cm deep. Not the biggest but was only planning on flowering two and two. I have a hooded 250w hps...
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