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  1. HeLLfiReZ

    Need spider mite spray (Canada)

    Well, first infestation of the season. Friend of mine on his first grow ever, I have been guiding the way. We got some 2 spotted mites happening, pretty early infestation stage, only a few plants mildly infested, late veg. Problem here in Canada it's really difficult to get anything at all. No...
  2. HeLLfiReZ

    Anyone using Plant prod mj line?

    Has anyone used the new cannabis focused plant prod line? I have been looking to switch to a more easily obtainable fert line and this line sparks my interest. Dry Powder form, comes in 2kg or 15 kg bags and is pretty reasonably priced at around 80 to...
  3. HeLLfiReZ

    Most purp i have seen.

    A friend of mine gave me these nugs. They were chopped off a flowering plant apparently. Bud is premmie but tasty. I'm supposed to get a clone of this. So I'm asking opinions. Is it genetic jackpot? Is it a grow screwup? I have been at it a long time, never seen a cured nug that purp. Time...
  4. HeLLfiReZ

    The poor man grow

    About time i put something up i guess. After a long break im back to gardening. New house, new strains, limited funds. But i like a challenge. Setup as follows, room is approx 11'x11'. Goals are ultimately 4 5'x5' scrogs in an L pattern with leds in dwc. 1 plant per scrog, yes monsters...
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