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    POLL : Hash vs. Keif vs. Oil

    i voted for hash... it's more tasty in my opinion..
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    GDPlovers Dried and Cured Budshots

    Great choice of nuggs man... Impressive!
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    dy shots of the WR and AK47

    Looks tasty man!
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    Private Cannabis Cup - Fr

    Cherry Candy Fuel? Sounds sooooooo tasty!
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    Lemon Larry OG Kush

    Great stuff!!
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    Really nice work!
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    Nice colas there!
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    Nirvanas- Crystal, ICE, and unknown White Rhino

    Nice work man! I grown Ice by Nirvana, lovely smoke and good bubble hash from it also...
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    JS#3 x OgersKush

    Looks nice man! Really interesting the #1 pheno...
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