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    Emerald Triangle Seeds Catalog

    Hi bro, Sorry for not answering your question the first time. No - i have not sold any cuts to anyone in So-Cal...there are a few breeders and heads down south that do have our moms and run our could have gotten leaked out there, or if someone came up north they can get them in the...
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    20 Free Emerald Jack Seeds? WoooHooo!

  3. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    0% germ rate?

    cheers mike!! If for some reason something doesnt get through...just pm me and ill always make it right :)
  4. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Emerald Jack Test

    !! that a winter grow ??
  5. EmeraldTriangleSeeds


    wicked!!!! get some pics up on the forum!! then pm me for a freebie!! :)
  6. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Emerald Triangle Seeds Catalog

    yes biiig up zoo and frost! proper bangin!!
  7. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    ET - Blueberry Headband

    yes - looking good! do keep me posted. The new diesel weve made should be out within the next nine months. Were sorting out a few more bits before we release it (like autos and fems) and should release all at the same time here shortly. Its fire...
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    ET - Blueberry Headband

    lookin good! pls let us know how they finish :) !! respect dab1
  9. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Who DIDNT get their freebies ?

    pls pm me lol :)
  10. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Emerald Jack Test

    sweeeeet :) lookin good!! lemme know how they go! :)
  11. EmeraldTriangleSeeds


    cheers...yeah mang....Mississippi killed it this round :) Any favorites hip ???
  12. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Emerald Triangle seed comp.

  13. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    bubba 76 help?

    sweeeeet :) let me know if you want anything from the catalog or headstash...ill gladly share bro :)
  14. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Bubba 76 & Emerald Jack.... Naturally

  15. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    bubba 76 help?

    this isnt should have freebies of our whole library from Frost....grow some of our gear out and youll see :) bless up on all your good work anyways though :)
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    Emerald Jack

    any updates :)
  17. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Grapefruit Krush gratis grows O' rama!!!

  18. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Emerald Triangle Seeds Catalog

    First off...BLESS UP Dr FROST and ZOO! Ive been outta the loop w end of season and all. After speaking to Frost (whom initially gifted ET a few genetics YEARS ago) i now understand the mixup...on everyones part.... From what i understand Zoo gifted Frost the Chem Sis x NL 5.....FROST backed...
  19. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    City of Long Beach shuts down all LB dispensaries

    lol ?
  20. EmeraldTriangleSeeds

    Emerald Triangle response to Paclobutrazol

    As for this :"All I know is the folks at Emerald Triangle are solid, good honest people and they have been around for MANY MANY years" ----- Yeah right they sold growers PBZ for years claiming the active was kelp. Nice misinformation campaign though! ?? Emerald Triangle as in the people of...
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