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    Orlando,Fl. Search Operations Aerial Response

    We know that it will also be used to look for outdoor grow ops. Palm Bay PD are always trying innovative stuff, about a year ago they bought a unmanned military drone to use in their police work, fortunately the FAA disapproved of them using it for now.
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    Zoo's Bubbashine x SR71 Purple Kush

    Very pretty Zoo, hope they show the traits you are looking for :-)
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    OGK (fire) x Blue Moonshine

    Very nice FF :-)
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    Hash prices?

    Make your own, its priceless :-)
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    hydroton salt build

    If you do not mind all the work I just rinse mine in a spaghetti strainer till roots are gone and the water runs thru clean :-) The rocks are almost clean from my final flush anyways, but must remove all the root material so it gives no PH problems on next grow :-)
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Some Judas Priest- Electric Eye :-))
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    Joey Weed AK47 x C99

    Joey's stuff always was top notch, great grow guy
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    Rounders KKSCS1/UltraSonja/Ape Grow

    Great grow and photos as always :-) Grow on Rounders :-)
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    HPS Conversion Bulbs?

    Instead of the conversion bulbs I use a digital ballast, it will use either HPS or MH :-) I also run 1 1000 watt HPS and 1 1000 watt MH in the flower room, I feel the dual spectrum helps give them a little of each of what they need.
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    How do YOU flush?

    Hey Johnny I run hydroton in ebb n flow tables and I run nothing but sweet (sugar additive)for the second to last week and nothing but plain water the last week, gives me great smoke (smooth) :-) Hope that helps :-)
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    Where is elvis

    Elvis has not left the building :-) At least not Rez's Elvis Kush cross, I still have beans left :-)
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    --hubcap's house of acoustica--

    Hubcap, very cool Really enjoyed Overkill, No Rain and Jealous Again :-)
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    whats in your freezer

    I use the fridge also :-) never had any problems with germ rates yet, they are each in their own glass vial and then the vials are sealed in vacuum bags with all the air sucked out, then in a sealed rubbermaid container in a couple of dark bags to keep out light :-)
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    whats in your freezer

    Damn Indica, thats one heck of a freezer you must have to hold all that :-))
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Not sure how you guys brought up the youtube like that but hear is a little Trixter- Give it to me Good :-)
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    What are you listening to right now?

    I Wanna Rock by Cross Canadian Ragweed :-)
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    whats in your freezer

    Got a few in the fridge Set 1 Blue Sonja-Grindhouse Maple Jelly- Swan Song OGKA-S1-Rez Mind Boggle- AnnaC OT Haze X Skunk #1-Sam the Skunkman Strawberry Diesel X Hashplant- Mosca Negra Blueberry- DJ Short Black...
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    What's you fav video game to blow of steam?

    I like to unwind with some bubble hash and play Mario Kart for WII :-)
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    Any stoner trekies out there?

    He's dead Jim Spock quick grab his tricorder and I will get his wallet
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    Greetings from Florida

    Welcome FF :-) Just keep your head down and your mouth shut down here :-)
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