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    seed websites

    Yep, peoplr are really nice here. You won't find that on any of the other forums that I'm aware of. Not to say that there aren't any nice people on other forums, cuz there are, but here it seems that politeness and courtesy is what's expected, and that's nice break in this world.
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    seed websites

    This site is the real deal Danny and it's just getting started. Don't hesitate sending these peeps your greenbacks, they're cool.
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    Top Ten Favourite Movies

    Like most folks here my "Top 10" is pretty fluid but here's some of my all time faves off of the top of my head: Apocalypse Now raging Bull Dog Day Afternoon Wild Bunch Death of a Chinese Bookie Taxi Driver Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia Big Lebowski Harold and Maude Fiddler on...
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    Cheech and Chong Back In Action!

    Good to have Cheech and Chong back, it weirds me out to think they are in or close to 70. makes me think of my own age!
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    jack the ripper and jillybean cross

    i'm salivating.
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    old seeds

    Thanks for the link Logic, I've got a couple classics from the turn of the century that I never used cuz I never actually started the most important part of the hobby.
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    Recommend a ph meter

    Glad I found this thread, getting ready to purchase a ph meter, probably gonna go for the Milwaukee.
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    British Hempire Seeds at auction

    Those crosses are gonna rule BH!
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    DEA & Blackwater agents raid Culver City, California MMJ dispensary

    Useing mercenaries is worse than useing their own jack booted thugs. Things just on keep getting worse. Is not the general populace not disturbed by the mercenaries use? I
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    Pot gardens an 'ecological disaster'

    Right on Chimera.
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    Positive local buzz from marijuana bill surprises Clay

    Well, at least a couple of them have the balls to do someting good other than doing good for the Big Oil, Big pharmacy, and the weapons producers.
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    Dannyboy....6 years later

    that's freakin' awesome Subcool. A pal of mine grew KQ like 7 years or so ago and man that stuff was the bomb! When you say you are growing in Supersoil is that Vic High's recipe? Good luck with the rebirth of Dannyboy.
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    Word from the Curd

    Thanks for the welcomes you all. Logic, I think I found this site because somebody posted that there were to be limited Soma or Mr Nice beans to be listed here and I think that was on IC mag and so I thought I'd check it out. It looks good, I hope it sticks around! Some informative threads...
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    Word from the Curd

    Hello you all. It's been great to stumble across this forum and even greater to see some informative threads by folks I recognize from other boards. I'm about to be a newbie micro grower, if I ever get a digicam and can keep my jerry rigged cab going I'll post and show you all progress and ask...
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