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    First time grower needs major help!

    Start your plan an the end, Harvest!!, reverse engineering is the best way to set up a nice room without overspending cash.... How much yield you want? how often? Those questions will lead you to the type of gear u need to get
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    Tent size for a 250w

    Hello growers! This is my 4th grow and i decided to go for a perpetual S.O.G. 1 ft single cola a week is enough dank for me, so i decided to get a 250w H.P.S. i got some 8-10 week strains so in the flower area will not be more than 10 plants. Past grows were made using sunlight and i...
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    Taxing Marijuana

    agree There is so much arists about regulation that makes me wonder if this is really a good thing... One one side growing will not be a risk, but im not sure if i want a pharma growing my stuff and pay a tax for it... Lets face it... Marijuana will not save any economy in any...
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    This might piss some of you off, but. . . .

    Indeed, you need quite a bit of guts to race a machine over 200kmph, neverthless is a boat, a car, a moto or a plane
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    This might piss some of you off, but. . . .

    with all due respect.... i dont see any fun watching cars speeding in a circle shaped track.... i dont care if its 15kmph or 300kmph i do enjoy motorcycles... much more adrenalin
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    Cheese G-bomb el Ninio Help

    plants have been repotted and they look good, i used pure organic soil thank u!!!:very_first_smiley:
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    Green house color coated fems,reallly males?

    I bought a pack of ninios from GHSC and just about the same, just 1 seed germinated, and its a boy.... :(
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    This god damn world

    Well... u got intoxicated by ether man, its a very used tactic in every club or bar around the world When i was in highschool i worked as bartender in some club in my town, sometimes i went on tuesday or wednesday after school to do some cleaning and one day i saw one of the other bartenders...
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    PH Charts for Soil and Hydro

    Very handy chart.... Thank u!!!!!
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    Anybody here use silica in there grow?

    I use it as a pest protector, it creates a barrier between my plants and the wild bugs.... works wonders
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    Felicidades carnalito, tamanias colas que sacas con tu sistema, se ve que estan bien contentas tus plantas
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    Cheese G-bomb el Ninio Help

    Thank u for the kind reply likeakite i flush em 1 a month and i apply some humus, i ill start root feeding 1.8 - 1 - 1.2 i use 3 ml per liter of water, u think i should rise the nutrient amount for rooting? My main light provider is sun, so i only use cfl as suplementary light, they...
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    Cheese G-bomb el Ninio Help

    Hello there!!! im growing el ninio, cheese and g-bomb strains and they suddenly had some leaf symptoms maybe you expert growers can help me growing from seed 3 month old plants 50 cm tall im using 2 liter pots (i want to make this my moms) My soil mix uses peat moss...
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    Mexico seeks to legalize smalltime pot, cocaine use

    As a mexican citizen i see drug legalization as a dual sharp sword... In one hand... consumers will have access to better products, sanitary regulation and a emerging source of work for many people On the other hand... criminals will be always criminals..... they will try to make easy...
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