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  1. DeezNutes

    Please assist me? Ugh

    I was told to test the ph and ppm of the runoff from the medium. And collect the runoff after it has started to drip but not when it's almost done dripping so in the middle. That should give u an idea of what ph the water is turning into or going through and what the ppms are compared to what...
  2. DeezNutes

    When to give up on a plant?

    You wait until it's balls drop(If it's male somehow). If it's female try taking a clone and throw the clone into 12/12 while rooting. Unless you don't want ur plant getting bigger then you take a clone and let that veg out and 12/12 that plant. That way you will know for sure what it is. If it's...
  3. DeezNutes

    Beginner grower in need of help

    Yeah that's normal however it should open up those cotyledons nice and flat like and if it doesn't then it's not getting enough direct light or warmth and you will see it stretch if that's the case. Looks pretty wet and you used some soil from like home depot or something that looks pretty...
  4. DeezNutes

    need help??

    What about your temperature? If it's not high enough 70+ for day 50-60+ nights it can stay too moist both possibly causing stunting and some of the discoloration. People like to flush their coco for salts and I think potassium-double check that tho. And whoever told you that, doesn't really know...
  5. DeezNutes

    Dj Shorts Original And True Blueberry Strains.

    Hello it is wonderfull to hear somebody else has these genetics still. Although I had 15 True Blues, 7 have been duds and 1 tried to make it with a single cotyledon showing but didn't do anything but pop and later showed the leaf then died. Since then I have kept them in a safe waiting until I...
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