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  1. mace

    Nitrogen burn possibly

    Sorry for the long delay, one thing to consider when using D.E. is that it's crushed up seashells. Seashells are a great source of calcium, but like all things can be bad for the plant in too great a quantity. I've thrown ph out of whack with powdered D.E. before, and have burnt leaves that had...
  2. mace

    Nitrogen burn possibly

    Did you get that D.E. on the plant leaves before you sprayed by chance?
  3. mace

    Read Me First

    Damn, this thing is still here? *cheers everyone
  4. mace

    Realstyles 2nd White Power Led Grow

    Thanks for this, awesome to watch LEDS come so far over the years.
  5. mace

    The New Complete Guide To Sick Plants, Ph, And Pest Troubles

    Okay so i went a different route to repost this old one. Attached are 3 PDF files of the original post, in all it's old splendor. The formatting on this site is crazy so i decided to go about it this way right now. If you hit Cntrl + F and type in the word you are attempting to find while...
  6. mace

    To be honest, i dont know what happened to the thread

    To be honest, i dont know what happened to the thread
  7. mace

    LED's don't work!!!

    Since this thread appears to be destined to become a he said she said war over LED's, i would like to state that we've been over this topic several times and for years now. LED's DO WORK, they do produce quality medicine and a very high entry price point. Longevity of the bulbs must be factored...
  8. mace

    Suspected root aphids in flower, help!

    diatomaceous earth can go around the base of your plants in pots next time, will kill the adults on contact and is organic. Also, i use mosquito dunks in my water, you can find them at home depot for cheap.
  9. mace

    need help bad

    agreed, nutrient load is too high for those size plants, and your rex water is way too cold. i run 68-69 ºF
  10. mace

    whats the goin rate for trimmers this year?

    It's 200 a lb around my area. Seems pretty reasonable. Sorry for the growers out there that think just because the market prices for lbs is a tad lower this year that it's okay to drop your labor costs. In all honesty, you're being quiet selfish. Trimming is a shitty job that many really do not...
  11. mace

    110 vs 220

    I dont know how they could be brighter, i've always understood the value of 220 being they run at half the amperage of 110. Allowing you to put double the lights on the same electric line. And before anyone says anything about it, no it doesn't save you money!
  12. mace

    i stand corrected, 24 hr veg rules!!

    plants breathe during photosynthesis, i cannot see how they would be building any cells walls while the lights are off. Now i could be wrong, but i don't think i am. I veg for 24 sometimes, and i veg for 18 sometimes. Depends on the situation. Never really saw a difference in the plants. Side...
  13. mace

    Airconditioning Question

    Follow-up in case anyone else is watching this thread. $storeSearchZipLayoutButton.x=0$isQvSearch=$Ns=p_product_quantity_sold|0#prod-tabs"]Lowes : AC unit Decided to go with this unit for $500 bucks. Seems like it will work for the first go around with my new room. I've already invested nearly...
  14. mace

    Airconditioning Question

    Finishing my MPB build, 8k in lights. All of them are in cool tubes. Was originally planning on reworking the home AC system to cool the room, but came up on some extra money so gonna buy a separate system.
  15. mace

    dose led lights really work? do they flower the plants right?

    Ehhh, see my signature. I've done a few grows with different array's and have had meh results. LED's work great if you literally can't deal with heat or are trying to do a micro style grow. If not, i'd say wait a few years till the PAR rating on LED's come up.
  16. mace

    Lost's MPB's

    Lost, looks like the outcome was amazing. Congrats. I'm filling my rez right now, hesitant on posting pics on this grow, though.
  17. mace

    Tent City Files. Secret Jardin 10x10 with 6k

    Looking good, Sway! Can't wait to see the grow pictures on that og banana
  18. mace

    sac where u at lets get these clubs honest

    It's great in theory, i drop certain cuts to certain clubs but they all suck at maintaining the little guys. And they want to low ball you, pay on consignment, et al. Sometimes private source is just easier. I'm debating hosting cuts on, and for those who maybe interested my clones...
  19. mace

    Lost's MPB's

    I spark my system this week. Looks like it was worth the investment. Great grow, lost. Looking forward to the final weight info. What are you thoughts on how that pre98 bubba is gonna weigh? im assuming that's the strain.
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