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  1. Planter01

    For All The Blurple Haters!! Learn how to use them you wont hate them!

    These days it's a dozen 3590's but in the old days it was CFLs. I was poor and had no room but I loved the plants dearly. Everyone would like the best possible set up but if you don't have the nickels then do the best you can. These are old pics of a CFL grow in a 4x2x2 box. I thought i was God.
  2. Planter01

    To much weed...

    I never thought i would say this but I consistently grow more smoke than I can smoke. I give away bag after bag and sell a zip for a couple of bills here and there and I still have masons from last year outdoors and masons with last winters indoor grow and now there's gonna be a couple dozen...
  3. Planter01

    This frog wants to make a home in my pot

    Treat that little fellow with love. Tree frogs are the balls with their suction cup toes. IDK about that one but a lot of them change color to match their surroundings. That guy needs to work on his camo.
  4. Planter01

    Outdoor Bud rot

    I guess I've got low standards. I get the ultimate revenge. If the weed has a touch of mold and mites and maybe a caterpillar or two I smoke or BHO the little horrors or at least give it to someone who doesn't really care. Chit in the olden days you could break a brick of Mexican brown weed in...
  5. Planter01

    Fearing the frost...

    I've got two buds who have some really good buds coming along but they definitely need more time. The moment there is even a threat of a light frost they're gonna chop. The average first frost date here is 10/20. That just the average date and some years it can be another three weeks b4 we get a...
  6. Planter01

    Staggered Harvesting.

    I like a pretty mature flower so I go for trichomes with quite a bit of amber. Of course they were all flipped to 12/12 together otherwise it would be a mute point. I guess you did have to ask though. I would have. Not clones but feminized seed from DP through attitude. There will be a three...
  7. Planter01

    Staggered Harvesting.

    This is the first time I've grown WW for some unknown reason and they are doing ok but I still have a question. There is a wide Disparity in when each plant will finish. Usually I can chop everything at pretty much the same time but not this run. Are Widows known for this trait? Wide...
  8. Planter01

    10 Days In The Dark..

    Thanks @GT21 I like it. That was the only route I could come up with so the affirmation is comforting. I've been looking into people leaving the girls in the dark for a few days and though I dont know the motive it's a go. The thought of drying them to a crisp was breaking my heart especially...
  9. Planter01

    10 Days In The Dark..

    I dont know how advanced it is but I've got a problem. I'll be heading out of town for 10 days just as most of my plants are finishing. If I chop them b4 I go it will mean that they hang for the duration of my absence. I expect that when I get back they will be toast and over dried big time...
  10. Planter01

    1st Full Size Grow. Is My Canopy Getting Too Thick In Flower?

    I've got the same problem OP. My tops are jammed and my roots are bound up but at this point all I'm doing is popping in a few stakes to expose them to as much light as possible. I started with 6x9 coverage with 18 3590 cobbs but Im down to 2/3s of that do to killing a driver. It's a tight fit...
  11. Planter01

    What The Flush?

    @1diesel1 so you find the bio availability of bone meal is sufficient to make a difference so late in the grow? I do mix bone meal into my original soil mix but it's more of a feel good thing. Are you operating under the premise that if you start the meal in the veg stage you'll benefit in the...
  12. Planter01

    What The Flush?

    I guess I'm not really flushing. I think it is more like a heavy watering with cold fish pond water. Molasses seemed to do nothing. @DemonTrich I've always stopped giving the plants any nutes about around 3 weeks to chop. Do you think the heavy feeding affects taste? I always have thought taste...
  13. Planter01

    What The Flush?

    For years I flushed for a few weeks with molasses and didnt notice any difference it's just what people recommended. Than for a couple of years I used a commercial product designed for flushing AND designed for taking my money. Didnt notice much difference with that chit although I cant remember...
  14. Planter01

    What Beans Are You Popping?

    @gwheels ...nice looking pots and Solo cups but I gotta be honest. They look empty?
  15. Planter01

    What Beans Are You Popping?

    @MirrorZen That's a hell of a menu kid (wink wink) but that NLxSk1 makes an old man like me tingle like a 13yo on the school bus. Do you genuinely believe the SK1 is truly an Sk1 or just as close as were gonna get. I dont know why but something about it cant be beat. Its probably not possible...
  16. Planter01

    What Beans Are You Popping?

    Are you trying to say it's wrong! Your making me feel dirty.
  17. Planter01

    What Beans Are You Popping?

    I'm not wearing any underwear... No really I'm not! Monkeys can cross varieties but if there isn't a goal in the breeding it dont mean squat. It also doesn't mean crap if the traits are not repeatable. 10 seeds shouldn't mean 10 phenos., They should all share the same pheno with maybe a...
  18. Planter01

    Botryis Beating Strains.??

    Well my winter crop took longer than expected but here comes summer and an outdoor grow is of course on the schedule. I don't know what the weather conditions were like in your neck of the woods last season but we were damp for months and the botrytis loved it. In my circle of friends we all...
  19. Planter01

    What Beans Are You Popping?

    Jumping Jesus! I know I'm out of the loop because I've never heard of half of these varieties. For the most part have these beans you pop been bred with a specific goal in mind or are they a random cross? @MirrorZen I had the original Skunk, NL, and a Swazi Hash plant from about 1981 to about...
  20. Planter01

    Help Distance With Light

    @CrimsonEcho . Even though the manufacturer of my LEDs recommends 18" above the plants they did tell me on the phone I could go closer but to watch for burning or bleaching. I find I get no burning at 12" but I have at 11" so that's my goal. Tell me Echo more about diminished smell. I haven't...
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