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  1. bigdaddyg8

    Please help save my plants.

    what do you mean direct light? no they won't be fine unless he is adding supplemental lighting? 8hrs of light will make them flower. i agree his soil may be to hot. and i agree promix would be a better choice for seedlings.
  2. bigdaddyg8

    Please help save my plants.

    you will need 18 hrs of light to keep them in veg.with 8hrs light they are going to flower.
  3. bigdaddyg8

    Super Oct Giveaway, Spider Farmer

    aquaman, beachwalker, madmax #259
  4. bigdaddyg8

    Plant sagging and idk what to do

    what size pots are they in now? and i agree with beachwalker!
  5. bigdaddyg8

    generations of clones / best time to cut em

    you need to take clones from the upper third of the plant were the health growth is. not the shit you cut off trying to clean your plant up.
  6. bigdaddyg8

    1st polonation attempt thc-victory X malawi gold

    i am not really not interested in smokeable bud.i want the seeds. can i take the male plant out after pollination, after all the flowers shoot there load? i have another thc-victory i am going to flower in another room soon. thanks!
  7. bigdaddyg8

    For Sale Dookie Farms clone onlys - GMO, Wedding Cake and more

    less than 24 hrs received my order. a healthy beautiful well cared for clone. i highly recommend!
  8. bigdaddyg8

    1st polonation attempt thc-victory X malawi gold

    i am interested in THCV and what it does medically ? i have not seen any post anywhere on the internet of anybody growing out any thc-victory (seedman) beans? i germinated a couple they both cracked and planted them in some promix. one made it, for some reason the second died off? i also bought...
  9. bigdaddyg8

    1st time grower, seed problems?

    use small grow cubes instead of soil.
  10. bigdaddyg8

    For Sale Announcing availability of K-KING -- all natural Potassium fertilizer

    i was going to buy a bag and give it a test run. the cost to ship is twice as much as the product. i can't bring myself to pay twice as much for shipping, even though was a good product? would not pay that shipping cost, makes no sense to me? had my intrest as i am always into trying something...
  11. bigdaddyg8

    Male or female cannabis plants

    2 males
  12. bigdaddyg8


    i am going to attempt to cross malawi gold and thc-victory.
  13. bigdaddyg8

    Why is there yellowing between veins of my leaves?

    them mother fuckers come out of no wear, you go out your house you stand a chance of getting spider mites ? you have animals that go in and out the house? you open a bag of promix or any type of soil, were do they come from? did you get clones from somebody? did somebody walk through there...
  14. bigdaddyg8

    mold in Massachusetts

    thanks, i just order some Thuracide.
  15. bigdaddyg8

    CO2 from brewing mead???

    doesn't the co2 come out the airlock during fermentation .thats what i though you were getting your co2 from? attach little hoses to the air locks on top of each carboy and then run them into the tent?
  16. bigdaddyg8

    mold in Massachusetts

    how do i go about finding BTK? thanks!
  17. bigdaddyg8

    mold in Massachusetts

    what is what is BTK?
  18. bigdaddyg8

    mold in Massachusetts

    humidity is a big cause of mold. no proper air circulation. big cause of all kinds of problems.
  19. bigdaddyg8

    CO2 from brewing mead???

    if you can pump it in go for it!! sure won't hurt anything. do you get a lot of flies hanging around during fermentation?
  20. bigdaddyg8

    mold in Massachusetts

    i also grow outside in MA in the summer. about 30 yards from the river. lost two to pm last summer, in green house we erected. had 2 fans one on each side of 2 plant could not control the humidity pm set in, couldn't save them. no green house this summer we are going to use a leaf blower when...
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