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    First outdoor bust of the year?

    1222 plants found in Kissimmee , FL while looking for lost person. On a higher note: Acknowledged rec'd cash in 7 days, and rec'd beans in 7 days.:banana:
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    In the Dam for a day

    Yeah that pretty much covers it, might want a few days though.
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    best butane to use?

    Don't use Ronson or any crap from China. Spray some on a mirror and be sure it leaves no residue when dried.
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    Cannabis Vodka

    A old guy I used to work with would pickup gallon jugs of shine for something like $20 tasted pretty good.
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    98% of DEA eradicated marijuana classified as ditchweed

    We did fill up the back of a van with it, glad we didn't get pulled over for a pile o bunk weed.
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    In the Dam for a day

    What would can you do on a stopover for a day?
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    500 lbs. of Marijuana Found on Fabolous' Tour Bus

    Not everyone with a pocket full of cash is smart.
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    Manswers on Spike TV Has to be the greatest program, after Simpsons, of course.
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    Former OGer

    thanks Does anyone know if OGer swampboy is around anywhere?
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    This really sums up the Ol' Bill

    read the whole story last week, LMAO
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    Cannabis Vodka

    You'd think it would at least taste OK.
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    Wow in MO

    I thought Missouri ranked up there with Alabama on having harsh laws.
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    Ending DEA Raids "Now American Policy"

    One step forward
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    Former OGer

    I belong to a few different boards, but really miss OG. I was so freakin noid after they were shut down, I still will not post any pix anymore.
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    98% of DEA eradicated marijuana classified as ditchweed

    We used to call it Minnesota Green, it literally grew like a weed.
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    Joaquin Phoenix is a space cadet

    Too much time, too much money.
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    Future of Food: What Every Person Should Know

    google search - "The average breast size in America has recently increased from 34B to 36C"
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    Dumb A/C question

    Be sure to keep the coils and filter clean.
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    autoflowering strains

    Might have been S.A.H. 's AutoAK47
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    Outdoor soil mixture

    I'd consider hauling in 5kg bales of compressed coco coir (12"x12"x5" and when wet 16-18 gallon volume -$15) and mix with native soil, perlite is very lightweight to, but bulkier -HDepot huge bag $12. Esp. if you have to carry it in .
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