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    The History of OG Kush

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    hydrofarm modifications?

    i'm planing to start a 2nd attempt at auto flower strain grow. my 1st was in coco mix. i made the mistake of confining the root space & over watering. i would like to use a coco/hydrostone mix in a hydrofarm system.i saw some modifications being made to...
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    seed starting container size

    i got 50 started in 16 oz foam cups. the sodering iron worked perfect for making holes, although the smell of melting foam was toxic. i haven't used the air-pot yet b/c i'm concerened they will dry out too quickly. yes these air-pots are black & look abit like a porcupine. i belive they would...
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    seed starting container size

    i bought 16 oz foam cups & i'll also use some of these new [1l]air-pots & compare them side-by-side. thanks for ur comments.
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    seed starting container size

    i start seeds by 1st placing them in maxi-crop water for about 8hrs & then paper-in-plastic for 36 more hrs. after root tip immerages a few mm, i transplant to a small container. my question is how small is too small? i've used containers that were too small before & i do not want to restrict...
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    sickly colored leaves

    i belive i have a root desease. i belive it is possible to cure this plant by root pruning down to a root-ball & transplanting to a new container. i tried spraying w/ neem oil but it made the problem worsen. the plant is chronic by serious seed. i have heard some negative coments about this...
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    sickly colored leaves

    my mama is 18 months old from seed. she is <2 meters tall gowing in a soiless mix of coco, perilite & worm castings. the container is about 90 liter. i use ro h20, w/ cal-mag, liquid karma, florilcous gro, maxi crop & mola. i noticed my ph is low now that i'm using ro istead of tap so i added...
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    New member

    i'll 2nd that!
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    welcome to the farm. since you've been around along time, please tell me your opinion on how todays genitics compare to the genetics 10-15 years ago. thanks
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    Dutch passion fem seeds turn hermie

    i've decided to do buisness w/ "DNA." i usually opt for less expensive seed for my outdoor grows. atleast 1/2 my plants outside will be culled for a variety of reasons[before sexing]. so i start 2-3x what i want to end up w/. this season i'd like to end-up w/ 20 ladies, so i need to have...
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    Dutch passion fem seeds turn hermie

    i was going to ordersome DP auto-flower tiagra & tundra, they only offer femished. from what i read, i'm thinking not. i was going to order their regular passion#1 seed b/c i have had success in the past w/it, but that was 10 years ago. have things changed????
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    wats up

    whats up?? hope you get alot of good out of this great forum!!!
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    best time to put outside

    what part of cali are you talking about??? cali has some of the most direrse weather in the usa. one can swim in the ocean, then drive to the mountains & snow ski the same day.
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    Mystery's auto-flower grow

    looks like it has great potential, best of luck to you. i'm now wondering if ppl have pollen for sale???? i have never raised a male plant [intentially] & so i have no source of pollen....
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    Twelve inch Inline, way to loud!

    glad it all worked out for you. i have been gardening on a budjet & i saved alot of money buyin cheap i got a 6 in & a 8 in that are too loud to use. i bought a 'speedster' & it does help. i would like to try a 'muffler'. i'm going to look around to see if anyone posted 'diy' plans.
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    Please help - seedlings with drooping leaves and dark undersides

    well i just got this 'shit' for the 1st time. at 1st i thought it was just 'purple expression', but i remebered this thread & sure enough....i got it. the purple turned to necrosis. i only have 4 of the 10 seeds i started b/c they were 2 years old. i'm thinking of just starting fresh b/c i think...
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    hello all you stoner farmers

    let me be the 1st to welcome you in mate, cheers!!
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    greetings from west mids

    welcome m8, glad you decided 2join
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    Step by Step too "Gumby" Bubble Hash

    this looks like the dark ages to me. it will work, but we have more advanced methods available. i'm getting ready to wash some crystals off this mornin. got to make just abit more ro h2o & crush some ice. i'll be utilizing aqualabs 220 mic bags, a haier washer, mila's ice-o-lator bags. a...
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