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    blueberry x nepal (odg)

    Thanks for the comment. I thin too it will be a great plant when flowering, and believe the smoking will knock me down... lol. Th shame is that this plant had an accident when growing. A fan fell on it and cut down a whole side of it. That´s why it only has 3 heads instead of 4. What...
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    Any info on the blueberry x nepal?

    Hello, I have posted more or less the same post in another section of the forum becuase i hadn't seen this one. The case is that i have a few seeds from odg, an a plant in my indoor. It's a blueberry x nepal, grows very nice and is now in day 20 of bloom. Do you have any infos on this...
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    blueberry x nepal (odg)

    Hello, I have now in my indoor a beautiful plant from Old dreams Genetics (odg), called blueberry x nepal. the thing is that i cant find any info on it. Has anyone got any pictures or info on this plant? days of flowering, etc...? Thanks.
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    hi everybody, I'm french but living in spain. I have been looking around this forum and liked it. I also have seen that the ODG are around here, and i have a few seeds from them. I soon will introduce you my indoor with royale haze (dinafem) and Blueberry x Nepal (ODG). See you soon.
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