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  1. TheWizardOfOz

    Slow germination/seedling growth

    Zero nutes for those newly established roots to feed on. Never let the coco dry out too much either. I know the major consensus is not to nute for "x" weeks, but seedlings in nature and most soil grows will have some nutes, even if at around's something. Jimster's explanation is...
  2. TheWizardOfOz

    Trouble with whiteflies bought pesticide

    Awesome insights from experience there. How long do you do the coils for, and what happens? Do they die and drop off or just want to get out somewhere else?
  3. TheWizardOfOz

    Please help doesn’t smell like marijuana and bud structure is very soft

    It has happened many times before, the worst seeming plant turns out the best medicine. I hear the same thing happens sometimes when you get freebies with a seed order, freebie turns out the best! Instead of culling her, perhaps you could take her out somewhere and see what nature might have...
  4. TheWizardOfOz


    Be sure never to let coco dry out, not even a bit. The top layer should always show at least some level of moistness imo. When it dries out too much ph swings way out due to a buildup of the nutes getting way too concentrated, make sure you are feeding/watering regularly enough. Coco needs a...
  5. TheWizardOfOz

    S.O.S for my Cannabis

    I don't think that plants in soil should be ruled out as needing cal/mag. Some strains are just straight up eaters of the stuff. Just looking at the pic chart you can see it's possibly nitrogen deficient, many, many others have said they look hungry. Further, imo a dose of epsom/mag would not...
  6. TheWizardOfOz

    Slow to begin flowering

    I have a habit of not reading through every sngle post efore responding, so forgive me if things have already been suggested. You could try introducing a bit more red, and lower the nitrogen uptake in the root system, (while increasing uptake of P and K) by lowering PH to around 6. Very small...
  7. TheWizardOfOz

    Is this eary sign of cal-mag deficiencies, please help

    Bro, my suggestion would have been to foliar some of that cal mag at a low strength, say 1/8th. Then while that should help, work out what's going on in the root system. Someone I know says the prebuffered coco is SHITE. Some even have runoff off over 2.0EC straight outta the bag, and very...
  8. TheWizardOfOz

    Superglue OG (Afghani x NL#5) at 6 weeks from flip

    Nice pics bro, the smell?
  9. TheWizardOfOz

    Greetings Earthlings

    Welcome bro, I'm new (to sign up) too.
  10. TheWizardOfOz

    Please help doesn’t smell like marijuana and bud structure is very soft

    Hmm, due to no trichs...I would best guess you are at least a month away. Start dosing her up with a bit more nutes (nitrogen) if you are happy to let her go until she's ready. Def keep us updated.
  11. TheWizardOfOz

    Please help doesn’t smell like marijuana and bud structure is very soft

    Hi Poppa, what day are you on? With many hybrids the trichs don't start packing on till week 5, they can start around week 3. So with that pheno (I'm guessing the brazilian sativa side of WW?) may take a while longer for her to show, and obviously to finish as well, might be quite a few...
  12. TheWizardOfOz

    Flowering Time OG KUSH

    Already replied to this 10+ year old thread, might as well do it again :D Pollinating at such a late stage is interesting to consider. I would assume (and will be happily corrected), that despite a reasonably logical consideration, it would actually draw out the ripening process longer. If she...
  13. TheWizardOfOz

    Flowering Time OG KUSH

    This is a very matter of fact type of statement. It's interesting when many others say to start truly counting when the first pistils appear and truly start clumping together like a flower formation, i.e. the start of flower. Could also explain why many breeders state 1 to 2 weeks less than what...
  14. TheWizardOfOz

    Trouble with whiteflies bought pesticide

    2 weeks from harvest nothing should be sprayed on the plant. The only thing would be a water mist, which can effectively piss them off for a bit, but you should keep in mind they'll just go to the next best thing, if your plant/s are the only things around, you're just telling them to move...
  15. TheWizardOfOz

    Too much CO2 but I’m not supplementing

    I would just like to add for others that may come across this thread and whom may have bought a cheap battery operated meter.... the reading may not just be Co2. Anyways glad it's sorted for OP :)
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