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    Current Freebies On THCbay?

    the idea of this thread was to see what people have been stated in an earlier post by me i enjoy the surprise and also enjoy seeing peoples grow with these beans other memebers make and send in. It in no way stops me from making a order, just a curious cat thats all... also as i...
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    Current Freebies On THCbay?

    curious if anyone knows what freebies are going round at the moment... DJSHADOW
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    Some Shnazzleberry 2 and Mental Floss

    great job on the now you got me thinking about the floss again...what did you feel the differences were between the two shnazz and mf in taste and growth wise? DJS
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    Which of Chimera strains create foxtails

    thanks for the info BlueBud...i guess in the end i dont really need foxtails...just was curious which strain of his had the most appeal look wise in bud structure...but i guess we all have different takes on what we want out of a plant...Mental Floss has been on my mind for sure...I only have...
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    Which of Chimera strains create foxtails

    which of Chimera strains produces the most foxtail style buds? the more i grow the more interested i am in the look of a plant...not that yeild is not a issue, but i feel like the more you grow the more you find that fork in the road. Person A. I want the most potent biggest yeilding...
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    Current Freebies On THCbay?

    it would be cool to have a ongoing thread where breeders could talk about the freebies they send in and us to comment on how the freebies are turning out...i almost find as much fun seeing how the freebies turnout as the beans i purchase. it wouldn't have to be a weekly updated list that Logic...
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    Current Freebies On THCbay?

    yeah i have never been bummed at the freebies i have gotten...just seeing a list always makes you want to pull the trigger even faster on some beans... DJS
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    Current Freebies On THCbay?

    no problem...just more curious than anything...always excited to see what people are sending in... DJS
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    Current Freebies On THCbay?

    sorry if this is the wrong forum...i noticed on the THCbay forum Logics post is blank...anyone have a current list of the freebies being offered? again sorry to post this here. DJSHADOW
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    grams per watt

    thanks man.
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    grams per watt

    I know this question has been answered in other forums and threads but I wasn't sure if people are tallking about dried grams or wet... when they say...1 gram per 1 watt of light under good conditions...never really weighed as its always been for just me, but now my curiosty is getting to me...
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    This thing is fugly Blue sat 2.2

    pretty typical in looks with alot of DJ strains...its part of the blueberry trait. some grow out and some dont but really i have found the the most twisted ugly slow vegging plants have had some of the best smoke...
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    Free Music Download website ????? its free.... again i cant praise it enough... goodluck. DJSHADOW
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    Free Music Download website ?????

    Hands down soulseek is the best, I have never caught anything but killer music from it...its free...super clean...I am a music addict too and this site kills eveything else i have tried...torrent sites are good for movies but soulseek it the shit for music...ok done rambling...soulseek! DJSHADOW
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    Got a virus today

    if you want the best place to download music... search for (soulseek) its free...used it for 5+ years never caught anything but killer music from the site. DJSHADOW
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    Hello from the Midwestern United States

    fellow midwest dude too, welcome to the farm...
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    JILLY BEAN pix

    Rootbound they look great man...what size pots are you using? DJSHADOW
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    Introduction no. 40012

    any friend of DJ SHORTS BLUEBERRY is a friend of mine...welcom to the farm. DSJAHDOW
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    Chimera & Cannacopia Seeds @THC auctions

    man the farm does not fuck around haha...went to sleep thinking i would be in time to catch at least one pack BBxGF wake up and well all gone...going to have a sleepless night if they come back around...good to know we are all geeks for gear, just need to get my gameface on....:afroweed:...hows...
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    new member

    congrats on making it to the farm enjoy its a wonderful place. DJSHADOW
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