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  1. CannabisJohn

    Soil Reuse

    Can I reuse Roots Organic 707 soil indoors? I'm thinking about switching from coco to Roots. I grew in Roots outdoors and reused it. Can I do the same thing indoors?
  2. CannabisJohn

    Another Reason To Not Vote For Him
  3. CannabisJohn

    Help For A Friend With Parkinson's

    It is actually my friend's dad who has it. He's tired of the pain pills. He wants to try cannabis. I want to help him but need some advice. Are there any specific strains that work better than others? What would be best delivery method for it? Please help if you can. He hoping that it will help...
  4. CannabisJohn

    Equipment For Sale

    I have some friends closing up shop for now. They have lots of used equipment for sale (1.5 years old). They have multiple mini splits, under current systems, ballasts,lights, pumps,air pumps,etc. All this stuff is in SoCal. PM me if you're interested and I can give u prices. I installed the a/c...
  5. CannabisJohn

    Seattle Grow Bust

    Check this out.
  6. CannabisJohn

    Seed Storage

    I was able to get a couple packs of seeds ( sour bubble, and boggle gum )from BOG at Cannabis Cup this weekend. I am super stoked about it but can't pop them for a while. What is the best way to store them? Thanks
  7. CannabisJohn

    New Business

    I was laid off on 12/11 after working for same company for 11 yrs. So I was thinking about firing up my own business. I would travel California. So I am gauging interest in me traveling and doing rooms in NoCal. I have done 3 rooms up north the last 3 months. So let me know if you would have...
  8. CannabisJohn

    Drying and Storage of Water Hash

    I just started making ice water hash with a washing machine. I keep having a problem with once it's stored some of it molds. I have tried wet pressing and not pressing at all. No matter if I press or not it dries for 2 weeks or longer but yet I still get complaints from customers of mold when I...
  9. CannabisJohn

    Grow Room A/C

    Well it appears that my thread disappeared from the forum during the server change. So here goes a new one. Ask away about your grow room a/c questions.
  10. CannabisJohn

    Alternatives to PH up and PH down

    Any organic products to raise and lower PH in a hydro system?
  11. CannabisJohn

    Catapillars on Flowering Plants

    Is there anything I can do for this problem that will not hurt my buds?
  12. CannabisJohn

    Room Cleanup after Powdery Mildew

    What do you recommend to clean my room properly after harvest before I put new girls in the room? I was going to do sulfur burner for a few hours and the attack everything with a 10% bleach solution including my mini split a/c and dehueys. Sound like a good plan of attack. Would like some first...
  13. CannabisJohn

    Help with My Sick Ladies

    I am getting yellowing starting at tips. Here a couple of pictures. I am having a problem controlling PH. I am running H&G Aqua Flakes at 50% of their recommendation for week 1 veg chart. Added Roots Excel and Drip Clean at full strength. The PH is currently 6.7 and PPM is 590. Water temp in...
  14. CannabisJohn

    12 plants in 5 gallon buckets for 1st time grower

    Want to do our first indoor grow. Wifey has grown outdoors before with ok success but lots of pests this year. I want us to move indoors. I have studied some but need some general advice. Am building a 12x12 shed outdoors. Want to do 12-16 plants under 4k with 2 ton a/c,CO2, and either Lucas or...
  15. CannabisJohn


    I never introduce myself in the proper forum yet. Here goes. I just starting growing so I will have questions. Currently I am doing commercial HVAC. I have for 16 yrs. If you have questions PM me and I will help you. Also if u are in Cali I make house calls. Just trying to do my part to keep the...
  16. CannabisJohn

    Reply to PM from BayAreasFinest

    I can't reply to PM yet (don't have 50 posts). I read it and have no problem helping you out when needed.
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