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    hempy buckets

    coco vs perlite/vermiculite as the medium. in the past i have used perlite/vermiculite as my hempy medium indoors and out now im trying coco i would like to hear any pros and cons between the two from those who have used both so far it seems the coco is easier to work with but well see. they...
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    pest population density

    i have noticed that literally in the same city within miles of each other one person will have totally different pest problems than another. in my yard thrips pm and gypsy moths are a problem. spider mites are around but never get established on more than a leaf or two. i have a high population...
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    pot size

    what are people generally using im under a 600w hps at the moment there will be around 14 plants. they will be in ocean forest with 1/3 perlite amended(i prefer really good drainage avoids problems with root rot dry spots and flushing and dont mind watering daily) im also open to suggestion on...
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    light spreaders?

    i would like opinions on light spreaders and there effectiveness or lack there of in maximizing usable light and reducing heat directly below the lamp any input appreciated im considering installing one on a 600w hps. thanks.
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    water hash with dry or fresh trim?

    hello i have a question is it best when making water hash to use fresh wet trim or can dried trim be used? normally i make bho but want to make some water extract hash this time and have some dried trim and bud i want to use any tips welcome.
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    boysenberry kush

    does anyone have info on the strain 'boysenberry kush' or simply 'boysenberr'y im trying to find info on it i was given some crosses with this strain and am looking for info. i know progressive options carries it sometimes. thanks
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    weird things plants do

    so i have done many seed grows before. anyways this time when i was harvesting a pre 98 bubba/larry og fem cross i was trimming and plucking ripe seeds when i found here and there over a dozen seeds which had cracked inside buds and were trying to grow tap roots and all very bizarre. i have...
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    red queen and deep kush info

    im looking for detailed info on the genetics of red queen and deep kush i will soon have some seeds of these and am trying to get info about them. any help appreciated thanks peace.
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    ice water hash .vs. butane extracted hash

    what are peoples feelings on the pros and cons of these two methods for hash i almost exclusively make bho with trim and undesirable buds its quick and easy for me the only drawback is having to purchase butane. im planning on making a big batch of hash soon with whole plants from a purposeful...
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    bud eating green caterpillars

    yeah so my outdoor grow in socal is at 7 weeks flower i have discovered little bastard green caterpillars who like eating buds more than me. jokes aside there hurting my plants and could cause internal bud rot. any help in practical non-toxic elimination or future effective treatments for my...
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    med clone onlys outdoor in socal heat

    i would like to hear from people who have grown og's bubba's and chem's outdoors in socal and what the results were i have no room indoor now so am growing some clone only strains in hempy buckets outdoor my main concern is heat on the bad days (im in the valley) it gets around 110 sometimes...
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    aspirin water for pollen production?

    i have heard some growers use 1 pill of aspirin per litre of water to be used as a foliar spray to induce females to produce pollen for making s-1 fems or crosses similar to using ionized silver/s.t.s. or g.a. has anyone used this method with success to produce pollen first hand? if so please...
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    oil made with alcohol etc..

    hello to all i normally make oil using butane which works well but i would like to try making oil with other methods like everclear isopropyl alcohol acetone etc... i would like to here peoples favorite methods to make oil with solvents other than butane thanks.:hi:
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    tahoe og

    hello swerve i won a dispensary raffle at p.options my prize is a tahoe og bonsai mom which im very happy about as normally i dont win things. it is coming from cali connection from what im told. my question is if it was grown from your tahoe og seeds which i have purchased or a clone just...
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    best og phenos

    what does everyone feel is there favorite og pheno they have grown going around cali. i would choose larry og but ive not tried all of them thats why i would like to hear peoples favorites. currently im growing hells angel og a oaksterdam og and biker og but dont know what to expect as ive not...
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