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    hr's SSSDH x Jack Herrer #22 test grow

    Yeah this is a pretty wicked strain. They are smelling really sweet now and continuing to put on a lot of bud. You're right about the foliage. Little bit of everything. It grows extremely fast too. Here's some pics of the cuts I took on the 9th. I just cut them and put them in a glass of...
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    hr's Mosca Fly Pack test

    Oh I got pics! Just took a batch of the whole lot, including the 3 Tsi Fly I'm running alongside the testers. Well, the feeds I gave them yesterday are already showing in the plants. Foliar feeding works fast. Not huge changes, but I can see that they are responding to it. So...
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    Topping the OG

    Hey Rocky Top a question for you. You say you starting pinching the plants after you put them into flower? Could you elaborate a bit? How many times? I usually stop topping once they are into flower. Matter of fact I don't top within at least a week or two before flipping. Or do you mean...
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    hr's Mosca Fly Pack test

    Hmmm, let's see. I planted the seed on August 4 weeks. I just watered and gave them a good dose of Pura Vida grow, some Voodoo juice, Bio Heaven and a couple drops of Super Thrive. Also foliared with some Nitrozyme with Dutchmaster Penetrator added. They're not looking bad, just a...
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    Strawberry Dog

    Wow CBF, those are lookin really nice. I liked the dew comment. Made me laugh right when I needed one. :mmm
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    hr's Mosca Fly Pack test

    Speaking of the yellowing, while mine aren't exactly yellowing they are a pale green and the growth is slow. I went light on the nutes as I thought someone said the C99 is a very light feeder. As a matter of fact, I've fertilized only once as I have compost and worm castings in the soil mix...
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    Elite's pope dope?

    I had it going outdoor this year. It was a beautiful strain. the earliest to flower by far. the buds were getting huge. smelled very sweet. nicely resinated. then the rippers came and took them away. I thought I had found the perfect plant for 45 degrees latitude. Not the best pics, but...
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    question for highroller...

    We both know for it's very easy for things to go epically wrong real quick with a myco! As far as the strain goes I'm nearly certain on the Big Funk parent. Moreover, if it came from Free, it's gotta be choice. He's never been one to fool around with crappy genes. Good luck on...
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    question for highroller...

    Hey Sinsi. How you been? I haven't been to the Nook for a long time. Dunno why. I guess because I'm on a hiatus from mycology. I'll have to stop in, check around. As far as the strain goes, it has to be Colt's. He's the only one I know of that was working that. I grew the Nook, but it...
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    encouraging growth in veg cycle?

    No, not by trimming or removing the fan leaves. What you are looking to do is top, fim or lst the plant to encourage more branching and regulating height.
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    has anyone got a molasses feeding schedule?

    I agree...I should have been more specific. Thanks for keeping it straight JK. I use it and a humic acid to feed the herds during veg.
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    og kush Fire , Tahoe and SFV

    Oh, that's right. Although the feds made it illegal to even sport the mongol colors now.
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    leaves yellowing from inner out and curl

    I don't think it is too late no. LST (low stress training) is tying down, yes. At this point tho, I think you should wait to see if you have solved your other issue first. That is already stressing the plant. Get her healthy first. Is that 6 feet of usable height under the lights?
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    has anyone got a molasses feeding schedule?

    What do you mean wambam? Other carbos like sweet or sugar daddy? Molasses is the only sweetener. I have an organic regime I use with Pura Vida as the base. I still use bloom boosters...molasses doesn't replace them in my opinion. There's really not much to it really. Just add a tablespoon...
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    Best 1,000 Watt Reflector ?

    @ jigglybones...after reading down the list of threads you have started, you should have just started one thread like, "how do i set up a complete growroom and where can I buy the stuff?" lol. To answer your question here tho, the next time I upgrade hoods I'm going with the Magnum too. It...
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    has anyone got a molasses feeding schedule?

    I give it pretty much every watering once they're past the seedling stage right on out to the chop.
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    Bodhi Seeds in 100% organic glory...

    Well...I wasn't going to say anything, but since you ask, it has thrown me a couple times...ummm...Bodhi.
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    hr's SSSDH x Jack Herrer #22 test grow

    Day 37 of 23 for #8. They are starting to really pack on a lot of bud. It is sort of loose, but I have a feeling they are gonna yield pretty heavily if they go as long as I think they will. Also getting quite sticky and stinky. A real sweet smell to them, with a background of...
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    looking for Hells Angels OG info

    Yeah...there's no love lost there either. Matter of fact, friends and I make runs with the local HA chapter every now and then. The playing of Rolling Stones music on the jukebox in the bars is STRONGLY discouraged to this day. The bands they have at the clubhouse and other venues are not...
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    looking for Hells Angels OG info

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