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  1. J

    Why do people call brick weed "stress"??

    They call it that for the same reason people call beasters "work". Probably because its nothin but stress to get rid of...
  2. J

    hey everyone!!

    Cmon fishy....get that PS3 hooked to the net got beatdowns xcoming... You better hope you have some SFV cause if not your Giants are goin down!!!!!!!:fighting0084::icon_animal26:
  3. J

    TD comes to the Farm

    JJ! Great to see yet another great breeder here... This place is the NY Yankees of cannabis sites!! LOL
  4. J

    Hey everybody! It's JBP!

    YO TK and 420!!! Thanks and ill be a postin!!! :mooning
  5. J

    Letterman Finally Apologises For Hicks Incident

    You know what....I say good for you Dave. That was very cool of him. Bill deserves that apology and it seemed that Dave was really sincere. He did not need to do that, but he did. I am a big fan of both Hicks and Letterman but I admit to not having watched Letterman in years. I have...
  6. J

    How did you start?

    Wow!! A lot of similarities with my story TK!! I smoked my first joint during the break between 6th and 7th grade. I also stole the weed from an older sibling but we never got caught!! By the middle of 8th grade I was copping qp's of really good midgrade outta AZ...waaaay better than the...
  7. J

    hey everyone!!

    Wooo hoooooo Rockfish!!!! Great to see ya hommie!! Check it out, its the 80's...:party0022:
  8. J

    I smell Smoke....

    What up smokey... Nice selection of beans to play with!! See ya around bud!!
  9. J

    Hey everybody! It's JBP!

    Thanks allot fellas!! I love the international feel of this place...I like the global cannabis scene. See ya around!!
  10. J

    Hey everybody! It's JBP!

    Thx doc!! Look forward to watching your grows man!
  11. J

    Hey everybody! It's JBP!

    Thx fellas!! Glad to be here!!:smiley_joint:
  12. J

    Hello from the Midwestern United States

    Midwesterner eh?! We gotta stick together!! LOL IM new as well round these parts...nice to meet ya!:smiley_joint:
  13. J

    Hey everybody! It's JBP!

    Wazup Farm folk!? Wow this site is amazing...i'm overwhelmed!! I look forward to reading and meeting all yall!! I'm a huge fan of all things Haze, Diesel, Kush in no particular order...LOL. I'm a dirt grower...nothin too putting somthin new togather and look forward to postin...
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