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    "Dark Harvest"

    naw bm mine did not dry out maybe thats what it is then let it dry out i'll try it on my next run
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    "Dark Harvest"

    jdubz i'm wit you bro just tried it for 36 hrs and the look no different than when I turned the light out
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    Absurd prices for pot

    300-400 is gravy round here the goods go 500-600 right now shit so messed up don't nobody wanna sell a zip the breakin it dowm to five tenths for 25 dollars i spend 300 every other day for bout six grams gotta have my kush
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    Dutch passion fem seeds turn hermie

    i'm having good sucess with fem seed from dutch passion (strawberry cough)and paradise seeds (jacky white) no hermies just beautiful ladies I did have a problem with dp's blueberry the whole pack were runts and didn't flower at all and they had twisted leaves I gave up on em anybody else had...
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    A little help from my friends....

    what up doe welcome to tha farm fam! I use root riot or the ez cloner and get good results
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    Hello fellow heads

    what up doe! welcome to the farm fam
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    "Dark Harvest"

    What up farm fam! I heard bout a lil harvest trick turning the light out for up to 36 hrs right before harvest to supposedly trick the plant into thinking its dying and increase resin production anybody ever tried this? what were your results?
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    Purple Kush @ Day 58

    what up doe bro nice lookin lady u got there! did u lower the temp or did she purple on her own? love the trichs
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    Jacky White X Purple Wreck

    What up doe! just had a cross to happen by accident jack white x purple wreck male was wondering does anybody have an idea of how this cross would turn out? would it be worth keeping? i'm not done growing out both of these strains yet and cannot find too much info on either but both strains are...
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    Pineapple Express Seeds Available NOW!!

    would love to add those to my collection
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    not famous

    what up doe mile high welcome to the farm I'm new as well
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    what up doe wambam! I wouldn't worry too much about a couple of leaves sometime they yellow on their own.
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