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    FIREWHITE how long are u farmers taking them

    70 + days and get your dick knocked in the dirt!!! BELIEVE THAT
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    Chemdawg growers!

    What about the stardawg??? Im loving the yields so far at 8+ weeks in....
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    sound proof...

    You can convert that a window banger to a portable.
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    Sweettooth #3

    Awesome!!! Got a boatload of these stashed. Im gonna pop these and a few other SOL goodies tonight.
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    You are a nice addition to this forum bro.....
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    Recommend a ph meter

    I like the Milwaukee PH meter. It also gives the water temp. I think they have one that does the tds also.
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    Im in...

    Dr CandyMan..... what up homie. When I seen the name I knew it was you. Then I opened the thread and seen the avatar and it was confirmed.... I hope all is well out there in the jungle...... Keep it green bro.
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    Im in...

    Yeah Kryptonite does have some killer stuff. Im lucky enough to have the clones of most of their offerings. Im new here obviously but been around the block a few times. Im an Spice of Life junkie. With blockhead being on of my all time favories. Once that package hits the farm......Im on it...
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    Im in...

    Well looks like we have another hang out spot. My favorite seedbank is embracing this place. So with the cult like following of them, im here. See yall around, time to work on that 25 posts. With the exclusiveness of some of the strains it seems are coming.... I have to get in on those.
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