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    Sage's 2011

    Lookin' forward to seeing them in full effect next year DSS. nice work... really healthy plants keep it up! -Chimera
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    Abob, THC farmer auctions are via Logic, not the companies you see listed here with helpdesks. We supply Logic, he in turns runs the auctions and sells the seeds. As such any questions you have about your specific order should be addressed to Logic. I have no details about your auction...
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    Abob I am not sure what auction you are talking about, can you please be more clear? -Chimera
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    Looking good Tobor, as Poopy says try not to get too aggresive with the ferts, she's happiest with a milder diet... and the taste and burn makes up for it if you are going for quality... which I assume you are since these are such a pain compares to more indica leaning hybrids! Thanks for...
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    dolce sativa VS swwetest sativa

    The Sweetest Sativa was renamed Dolce Sativa... same seeds, same heritage... Blueberry Pollen X Sweet Skunk. These seeds were originally offered under the SOL catalog as Sweet Blue. Dolce is Italian for sweet, Dulce is Spanish for sweet..... These are not from ISS, they are from the...
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    Is C-Plus an F1?

    It's an F1
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    Looks like this is my new Chimera forum

    GB, I have to check what is available here now and the package will be made up of everything that is out of stock, and I still have remaining. That rules out the Sassy and the Calizahr, but pretty much everything else I still have. There'll also be some Cannacopia stock, as well as stock...
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    PC- loved the smoke report brother... really enjoyable reading your words... everyone has their own unique descriptors and way of writing, and yours report truly made me smile. Tobor.... can't wait to see your blueberry banditos! The best of these nugs could potentially bring peace and...
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    Looks like this is my new Chimera forum

    Hey guys and gals, I'm around it's all good. So ya know I have my share of responsibility of what went down @ IC - I'm no saint and don't deal well with authority at times, and that certainly is in part why I am banned @ IC. As pot growers you all know what it's like when someone with...
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    No cash for CO2? Try dialing in your VPD>>>

    If you are burning propane or natural gas to obtain your CO2 then you are definitely adding CO2 to the global CO2 budget. If you are using tanks to add CO2 to your garden, then you are reducing the amount of CO2 already created..... CO2 from tanks is captured from industrial processes, and...
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    Chimera can you tell us what drives you to breed cannabis?

    You're very perceptive, or perhaps you had a similar experience? I started smoking fairly young, but was lucky enough to be able to score excellent pot from almost the beginning of my smoking 'career'. I sat next to this girl in Math class and we used used to chat about various things...
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    Which of Chimera strains create foxtails

    The Highland Mexican X Blueberry produces more true foxtails than any other variety in our line up, bar none. Silvery-purple spires of calyxes. The yield is certainly less than most varieties, but he flavours and psychological effect is worth the effort, imo., and they take a special sativa...
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    White Indica

    Hello Lemonhoko, I'm sorry man I haven't ever heard of the White Indica... they are not from me. Where did you purchase them? Did they come in packaging like mine? -Chimera
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    A post from a grower in IC who grew these out... in his own words.... "Hey there Chimera... I'm in the process of cutting down a mighty swath of Guerreroberry, and I just wanted to share my results with you. I've grown her under overhead HID's three times now, just one or two plants...
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    Chimera's Sweet Tooth 1.1

    The gf X bb is in fact also known as sweet tooth 1.1 - they are all the exact same seeds that come from a big bag in my seed fridge. I produced the a batch of the sweet tooth 1.1's when I produced the DJ Joint projects, each plant hand watered by me personally. Initially SOL purchased...
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    Sassy Frass

    This is from a thread @ IC.. I am away from my home PC which contains my files and pics. Superior Afghani Skunk - A low odor commercial strain. "The Sassy Frass is a hybrid oF DJ Short's blueberry and a clone I selected many years ago from an experimental cross of two well loved lines...
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    Cannacopia Government Mule (G13 x DC) chop shots, featuring the oh so cute DR40!

    FF is incorrect the Cannacopia are NOT MY SEEDS and are certainly NOT 'my budget line'. The Cannacopia boys are friends of mine, and I have provided them with some of the clones they use and they have brought in some of their own. I distribute for them via my contacts in the industry because I...
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    What seeds do you want at the farm?

    For all of you folks that requested seeds sent to the farm they are now listed here :
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    What seeds do you want at the farm?

    Lots of Mental Floss, GF X BB, Blueberry X Highland Mex, C4 and a whack of 15 packs of Cannacopia gear are en route to the farm. -Chimera
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    Gopher problems outdoor

    Plant a marigold next to every plant- gophers hate the smell and will leave your plants alone. Alternatively there is a product called "critter ridder" which is made from peppers and spices which deters most ground mamals. You do need to reapply after each rain though. Of course the old...
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