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    buying a new carbon filter

    went for mountain air myself and have no problems so far .its over a year old and still working fine. i hear phat filters are the same ,so you shouldnt have any probs.
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    Location location location

    smells fishy...thank them for their great offer but no thanks. move on
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    Help Fast

    yes i would leave them for a few days in a no light situation should give them time to ripen up and dry the plant out a bit.
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    trich influence

    u could try a late flower feed , ripen by gh is a good option.
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    new death penalty in alabama

    drowning by ass cheeks
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    High all

    hi welcome
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    What's your top 3 desert island smokes?

    g-bomb cheese train wreak
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    Rain water?

    yea i collect rain water to .good stuff .dont filter or purify with tabs. the plants love it.if its in short supply i add about 10 percent to tap water.
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    Drugs Raid At UK Chicken Factory

    :angry::angry::angry: what a grow project, these boys maybee should look at them selves .some ones to blame. loose lips sink ships.:angry:::mad:
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    Germing 10 year old seeds

    good 24 hour soak with a drop of superthrive..
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    hi fellow green lovers.just popping in to say hello. smokin some bubble -best way to start a sunday morning.oh and a little trainwreak to add some fizz. i like to grow in doors , but best is outdoors. i have got 2 gardens outdoor this year they contain cheese[gh]..trainwreak[gh] and a cross of...
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