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    Dudded, Stunted, and Runted plants...

    Oh and sorry one more observation. A seedrun from last year (gooeybreeder x sour diesel) turned lots of excess seed. Buds went in bho extractor with some? seed left. A half grocery sack after extract was thrown out, where in excess of 100 plants snow germinated, these being the most healthy and...
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    Dudded, Stunted, and Runted plants...

    Im still reading at post 195 area so forgive if this has been covered. Just my thoughts atm as i suffer with these conditions also. Assuming, as i think we do, this is a pathogen, probably viral, Monstermash mentioned the use of aspirin. Some weeks back i read a oregon university researcher...
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    98 Dawgs...anyone heard of it?

    98 Dawgs is 98 Bubba x (chemD x White Rhino) done under sprout mountain seeds brand in Divide. SMS stopped seed releases after cdph mmj changed the rules on seed producers. Will be running a group again summer 2015 but are all non commercial seed lines now. Glad you liked them
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    Caregivers...Get Ready to Register Your Grow Site and Pass Inspection!

    canaguy, gt bill, and tk, you guys are the only ones making sense to me in this climate. Wishing all the best for you guys who are signing your lives up, but its not predictable, or certain, to be for the best, given the recent history, so far.. One thing cg's are forgetting, it seems, and that...
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    Potassium deficiency?

    Grizzle , yes that is K underfed. Have now corrected the K sulfate levels in solution,but as rootfeed is slow, now foliar feeding with 2.4 grams per gallon of potassium nitrate, to help recovery. I think the K deficiency has also impaired water function, as they are drooping pretty badly, added...
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    Potassium deficiency?

    very real potassium deficiency always wondered where people get photos of bad deficiencies, i mix nutes from salt and now I know. Had to go out of town for 5 days suddenly, so set everything up and changed the res before leaving so someone else with no experience could just look in, no worries...
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    Official Boycott thread for house & garden CANADA

    Olivias Cloning Solution msds : it is a supplement, not stimulant, as i understand it
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    Official Boycott thread for house & garden CANADA

    We cannot buy the stim root in the usa, epa regs that list IBA as bio-pesticidal, plant products has dropped their US license now sooo... found Woods Rooting Compound that I will try, seems even less expensive than stim root, with added NAA, another good root booster. hope this helps, if anyone...
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    Help with this leaf crinkle?

    Thanks Cheese for the lighting thought. I dont think" that is the prob , at least for sure not too much lite. And i still dont have the answer, but it gives me another angle to look. Hope to find no problem, so far they are still on grow and dont seem deficient. Just hoping this is not an early...
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    Help with this leaf crinkle?

    This is Hawaiian Skunk about 3 months old in Sunshine mix w/ smart pots. It is under T5 lighting in 73-75 F temps. Being fed about 700 ppm Advanced 3 part for grow. 6.5 phd RO water. It had some weeks ago a bit of PM and has been sprayed with organicide, so the glossy spots on the foliage.Has...
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    MK Ultra 3

    This was acquired as MKU. at 15 and16 das from visible flowers. 12/12 was about a week earlier. In the room pic, MK is at the right side. Smells sour pine, no clue as to taste. The small bud pic is a lower side bud, same trichs are visible all over. If she is not MK, OK..Im still happy and a...
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    Check Valve. What kind is everyone running? Where did you buy?

    I know it's late , but had to test this before recommending. Its called a sewer stop valve at home depot, 1 1/4" with pvc glued reducers, about $11 if i remember. As Lost said, oversize the stop valve or deal with a huge pressure drop. This one is a flapper valve, and its f'n great .
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    I cannot find any fucking BREAD anywhere

    lol thought ergot was a rye mold..but history tells ergot poisoning started the salem witch trials.. damn cops been a pain for a long time..:)
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    I cannot find any fucking BREAD anywhere

    crack corn is moonshine, slave master died and the slaves got drunk. Songs called "blue tail fly"
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    Anyone experimented with different colored reflective surfaces?

    green houses use shadecloth over the clear plastic to cut down sun/heat. The red shadecloth are common for flower growers (begonias,carnations, etc...) so maybe you have something, except the struggle to get more lumens indoor seems a questionable gain. Maybe red mylar??, but thats why hps...
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    Whats in your garden?

    not sure where you are, but low to no maintenance and useful trees. Pomegranate, Olive, and gingko biloba. Figs if your climate is warm enough (above 25 F winters) Blood oranges grafted on trifoliate root also but over 25F. After 2-3 yrs figs/ blood orange can take some colder.Figs drop leaves...
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    Doubleds nutrient schedule

    Boots,dont know if this helps but oxy cylinders (in usa) are cu/ft oxy per cylinder. (80=80 ft3..122=122ft3..etc...)for the best price, liquid O2 tanks, which has to be used or bled because they are always in reversion to gas, with increasing pressure. O2 is also very hot (oxidizer???) and...
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    1 large watt vs 2 smaller watt lights

    dang it!!! alright then ..with 2 @ 400 mh and 1 360w hps conversion. the halides are way more, way more impressive. Need to mix it up some because my observation isnt fair. all haze dom under the hps, indica doms under halides. rearranging some to see what happens from day 45 to finish RJ, is...
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    the great outdoors

    Never forget the Grt Wht Shark. oldie but greatie
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    Handwatering techniques?

    A calf forcefeeder, it holds two liters and measure marks. Have this but mostly just bucket and folgers can. The feeder tube has a shutoff like hospital crimpers. Feedstores sell them
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