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    Organics & pH

    basically it means u can run a higher ph,in a larger volume of soil,same goes with a large bucket full of rockwool cubes,or stacked enough rockwool cubes...peace
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    Organics & pH

    than you very also has to do with drainage....factors afecting,volume,density,type of amendments an there portions...all afecting the drainage...just a drop in the bucket on the subject of ph...not found on the internet...peace c2/
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    Guineapig is Here!!!!! WHEEK!!!!!

    yes glad to see you gp,this is moonymokey,was tryiong to drop a hint wen you were at ic,were the og was being droped,anyway your not to late for the relists++peace an good luck moon/
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    Hey guys!

    yes great site without the drama,lik ic,were they read ur pm,s before u write them,an it can stay there too... peace lone2/
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