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  1. Frog


    So Ridge I realy want to get my hands on a cut of the fire!!! What can we do? Or when ? I'll drive down when needed .So all I need is the go word.
  2. Frog

    420 Scope: 60-100x

    I have to agree . In my experances 30x is about max for the hand. The 60-100x is just too much mag.
  3. Frog

    Where's Kyrptonite

    Thanks Mr B , that sucks!!!
  4. Frog

    Where's Kyrptonite

    Looking for the Kyrptonite fourm. Had some post in some threads, but now I can't find the Kyrp. fourm. Anybody know what's up?
  5. Frog

    Well I'm here

    Thanks for the warm welcome all. This seems like a site with great karma. Here's to hoping we can keep it that way.
  6. Frog

    OG Kush, 1st time grow

    Looking good Fast forward . I'll be watching this one if you don't mind. Looking forward to getting my hands on some of theis.
  7. Frog

    Well I'm here

    Thanks gang, this should be fun. Looking forward to exchanging ideas.
  8. Frog

    spider mites

    Well I've used Avid and Floramite, both work well. Avid is even more expensive with Floramite coming in second. Avid says two sprays a week apart, but I find one time seams to do it for me. Floramite is a one time treament that covers about a month prevention. Getting thies here in Cal. can be a...
  9. Frog

    Well I'm here

    Hey all , just found the site and like what I see. Glad to be here and join the fun. Peace Frog
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