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    H2O2 use in waterings? is this stuff ok?

    i use h2o2 every watering. i use this in soil, coco and especially hydro. 1/2 a ml per litre in soil i use, but not sure of the top of me head what the percentage of mine is. good stuff though keeps the root zone nice and clean.
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    OG-KUSH X BUBBA KUSH( Bud shotz)

    lookin good bro...
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    East Coast Sour Diesel(clone) gallery

    beautiful grow bro, you really took it to full maturity. respect.
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    Psychosis x Donk, first ever grow...

    just the same strain mate, or you pullin anything else out this time? i'll have to get a piece of the donky diesel action at some point. got any of the new clones on the go?
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    organic coco?

    cheers sativablast. anyone else got any suggestions?
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    organic coco?

    at the moment i use bio-bizz nutes. in canna pro-plus soil. i was using bio-bizz with coco, worm castings, perlite, vermiculite and pebbles at the bottom for drainage. what made me swap was experimentation and the ph, everyone who uses coco seems to be on ph5.8 but soil is ph6.4. i...
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    12/12 organic from seed , new test, other comps seeds.this is gonna be fun

    where did you get the "CHEESE X STRAWBERRY HAZE X NL" mate? i crossed cheese x nl x strawberry haze, just wondered if it was someone elses cross or mine? some good pheno's in there if they are mine. there is a pheno that does smell like strawberry, but i prefer the NL pheno.
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    We are the THSeeds Crew!

    love and respect to THSeeds
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    Hi all, new boy here! With pics.

    nice intro bro, hope you like it here, there's good crowd. your gonna love the psycho-berry mate, slightly less stealthy as it f#ckin' reeks. but the smoke is really beautiful. astounding flavour and high. crossed the psychosis to biddys sister (psycho-sister) a while back, and someone...
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    Psychosis x Donk, first ever grow...

    psycho-donkey, ha ha! glad your enjoying it :)
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    WTF all my seeds are DEAD!

    sorry to hear of your loss mate. :( but whe-hey, 90's/80's seeds! hope you find some winners in there...
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    Jah's Variety Bucket(finger licking good)

    nice size calyxe production there mate, respect!
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    Purple Kush @ Day 58

    nice work you've done with that plant bro, K+ yeah, def the same cut mate.
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    Going Up!

    whe-hey Elevator Man, tings gwan on the farm. good to see you here man!
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    Introduction no. 40012

    welcome mate
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    Jah's Variety Bucket(finger licking good)

    cool tings gwan, pulling up a seat bro.
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    I am Batman

    wha gwan batman, welcome mate.
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    Hey this is my first time using this intraweb thingy

    welcome, to thc heaven!
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    Anyone tried this?

    THAT is where the buzz is at...
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    Hello fellow cannibis growers!

    hey mate, good to see you here. you ever pop those seeds i sent you? respect.
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