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    Question..On Hermis and Fans

    Hello Sometimes happens that your best female turn into an intersexed plant. It is not a problem for me to have some seeds in the buds if the high is good, but most people doest like it. The plants wants to reproduce, so in some cases if you pollinate a branch and trim the male flowers...
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    Fotos sin publi

    ¡Vaya! otra vez me paece que estoy solo.
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    seed sexing

    In a Spanish forum they were making experiments about sexing seedlings very early watching if the cotyledons were orientated North-South or East-West, but it is not a reliable method. I think the best and only way is the old method of growing your weed and and pay attention. Best regards.
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    Sumatran landrace

    If you grow pure sativas you cannot be an impatient person. LoL
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    Safe Pest control ???

    Hi Kushsmoker Neem oil and potassic soap are good alternatives too. I have a serious problem with the oidium during flowering. I have read about pulverize over the plant orange juice. I must to test it. Greetings.
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    Any suggestions farmers

    Hi Kennyeverett I think the most famous American strain is the Original Haze. But I think that you are looking better for a indica strain such Hash Plant, G13, Californian Orange or the OG Kush that you say. Good luck and greetings.
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    Best sativa?

    Hi In the tropical regions where most sativas are from, the lenght of the day and the night is very similar. This is the reason why tropical sativas have a very long flowering time, if they were as fast as some Afghan plants they only grew two or three feet tall, as happens in Jamaica with...
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    Sumatran landrace

    Hi Fractal I love the cerebral high of the sativas. It a pity that a 100% pure sativa strain is so difficult to find these days. Greetings
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    Sólo tienes que decir "patata"!!!

    En mi tierra se dice papa, pero para hacer las fotos decimos porvorón, jejejeje. Vaya cagada con el traductor, jejejeje
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    Harvesting seeds

    Hi You must harvest the seeds only when they are well developed, big, dark and healthy. When they are ripe the seed pods are open, and the seeds are clearly visible. You must leave the seeds to dry a few weeks at least three for a good and fast germination. Greetings.
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    Collection and Storage of Cycad Pollen

    Not far from here there is a very strange cycad species, Encephalartos laurentianus, growing in a park. The problem is that al the plants are the same male clone.
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    puerto rico

    Hi Yes it look like an indica hybrid. Very strange for a Caribban plant. I hope that it will worth the effort. Good luck! Best regards.
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    Best sativa?

    Hi If they need not much light intensity and even less than 12 hours of light per day. They are even better suited for indoor growing than I thought. Greetings.
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    Fotos sin publi

    Hola Merlubroza. Por fin alguien por aquí, me sentía como Ben Gunn.
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    Most Difficult Strain You Ever Grew

    Hi I think that the most difficult strains are the ones with a longer flowering period. But the problem is not exactly the plant, the problem is the impatience the grower LoL. Greetings.
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    Safe Pest control ???

    Hi I make my own insecticide, putting in water garlic, onion, chili, and tobacco, all chopped. It works well but if the infestation is very serious it isn't enough. I don't like chemicals on my plants. Best regards.
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    Root pruning advise please

    Hi I did root pruning in my plants when they became root bound and I don have space to put them in bigger pots. I cut almost one half of the roots. It works at least for me. Greetings
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    I think I made my first seeds

    Hi Well done Caregivenken! Congratulations!
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    Best sativa?

    I'm not an indoor grower, but I think that if you grow a pure sativa from seed with 12/12 light cycle, in small pots you can avoid height problems and it will be ripe fast. If you grow from a cut it is even faster. This type of plants are the best for SCROG growing. The only problem is...
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    Cositas de ataurfo

    ¡Que buena pinta tiene eso!
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