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  1. 25hewitt17

    Just a couple nice shots outside!!

    Doing fabulous I think what do you guys think
  2. 25hewitt17

    Wheres alil piece of my beautiful garden

    Two are definitely indicas one is definitely a sativa and other one looks like it's the mix or might be a sativa to...i have a couple more outta the pics
  3. 25hewitt17

    Why are my leaves yellowing and drying out beginning at the edge?

    Out of all my plans just this one plant is giving me trouble and it's the only plant that's in a 5 gallon bucket
  4. 25hewitt17

    Caught 2 males in the garden

    chop chop and root balls!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. 25hewitt17

    Wheres my little garden!!

    we haven't had rain in like a week i just got there in time to water and feed and I just got em water spikes gonna try em
  6. 25hewitt17

    Can someone tell me what this is?

    Good spider or no?
  7. 25hewitt17

    How do they look? So far

    acouple of my ladies...I know a couple of them are drooping we just got a nice rain off 🙂🙂🙂😀🙂
  8. 25hewitt17

    Can someone tell me what this is?

    They were only on two leaves on one plant out of like eight of them in the garden
  9. 25hewitt17

    Can somebody tell me if this is a spider mite?

    They are my outdoor ones?
  10. 25hewitt17

    Is this safe to spray on my outdoor plants for mites?

    I couldn't find neem oil
  11. 25hewitt17

    Please help me with these outside grow this year!

    I'm in northeast Pennsylvania and this is gonna be my first outside grow so what I'm gonna do 8s find a spot and dig it up in a ton of spots big ones and I'm gonna threw some perlite and with the soil and I might throw in a little bit of potting soil like Fox farms or something a little here and...
  12. 25hewitt17

    Is she on schedule?

    She is at the end of week 3 in flower.. 2-12 will be the start of week4 ...she is a Sugar Drum from KDs seeds... thank you fellow farmers!
  13. 25hewitt17

    Please tell me what is the deficiency?

    My beautiful little lady bango at 3 weeks in flower.... Can you please tell me what's wrong? 💯💨💨
  14. 25hewitt17

    Can someone tell me what this is from?

    I feed them in the 11th and tested the runoff and it was red (low) so I fixed it and now it is yellow .....could that of been what caused it? I don't know
  15. 25hewitt17

    Can someone tell me why this is?

    My other girl is doing fine idk what it is
  16. 25hewitt17

    Bango! And sugar drum

    Here's sum pics of my Ladies.....sugar drum had a little hard time in the beginning ....cause of my humidity
  17. 25hewitt17

    Can someone help what's wrong?

    Temperature is 80 Rh is up and down but now I got a humidifier so hopefully that's what it was
  18. 25hewitt17

    Anyone use b1- organix fertilizer pellets?

    I just this and was wondering thanks guys
  19. 25hewitt17

    Help tell me if this will work?

    In a 2×4×60 or a 3×4×67 will this do the trick ?....…or if anyone knows where to get a better one for the same price or less let me know
  20. 25hewitt17

    I just seen something about yeti f2s is it ?

    Someone saying it's a great strain to go and it grows more like a sativa tall and high yields
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