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    New To Farmer

    Al? Welcome to the farm.:hi:
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    Welcome to the farm Purple Urkel. :hi:
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    hello mates

    Welcome to the farm medman.:hi:
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    Hey All!

    Welcome to the farm bowdiejoes.:hi:
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    Hi all!! New in the site!

    Nice. Welcome to the farm trasgo.:hi:
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    Is sexing seeds possible?

    My bro and I argue about this about every time we get together. He says you can and I've been telling him for years he's full of shit. We'll never prove it to each other cuz he doesn't know I grow and I've never had the privilege of seeing his methods.:stonedsmilie:
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    Wanted to Say Hi ....

    Welcome to the farm.:hi:
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    Hi Everyone. I guess it pays to post.

    Welcome to the farm.:hi:
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    Howzzit Everyone!

    :hi:Welcome to the farm.
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    greetings from dr.acula!

    Welcome to the farm. You'll have fun here.:hi:
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    new to the site

    Enjoy yourself on the farm.:hi:
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    what's up??

    Welcome to the farm. :hi:
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    yo from the east coast

    Welcome to the farm. :hi:
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Little Feat - Down On The Farm:music:smiley_joint::yes:
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    Hey everybody!

    Hey what's up stoner? Welcome to the farm.:hi::stonedsmilie:
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    New to the indoor game

    Hey Bianca. Cruise the threads for loads of great information. Everything to help you'll find here. I'm a soil grower atm.:hi::stonedsmilie:
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    Whats Up

    Hey Budsmoker. Have fun on the farm.:hi:
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    Introduction no. 40012

    Welcome to the farm Joker.:hi:
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    Awesome site!!

    Hey Sporulater.:hi:
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    I am Batman

    Hey Batman. :hi:
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