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    Sterile male

    Had outdoor blueberry that produced little to no pollen. With enough plants, I was still able to collect enough pollen to do some crosses.
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    what is this on my plant?

    I'll add that insects can spread disease as well as weaken the plant from heavy feeding. All kinds of insects will feed on your plant outdoors, but I have found that the plants generally will be vigorous enough to not be noticeably affected. Catrpillers and slugs should be controlled during...
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    what is this on my plant?

    I wouldn't worry about small areas of insect damage outdoors. Keep an eye on it though.
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    Ghost OG Kush

    Dr Greenthumb makes Ghost OG s1's. Ghost OG is the only OG clone I've grown, and it was some of the finest kind ive smoked, for quality of the high and dankness of the buds.
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    CHEM DAWG seeds from Dr Greenthumb

    Beautiful garden, excellent calyx to leaf ratio on those plants.
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    CHEM DAWG seeds from Dr Greenthumb

    Some good threads on the Iranian Autoflower here, and I can say IMO it is an excellent plant, especially for an autoflower. Evrey time i smoke it i think how dank it tastes, and the strength is very good. It will stay in veg if given 24 hours light, though I have read that it will eventually...
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    Tobor, do you have a smoke report somewhere? I'm thinking about growing this one and wondered if it was a keeper for you.
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    The Friesland Outdoor Project

    This would be a useful plant not only for northern growers, I think it would be a great early, mold resistant variety for most outdoor growers. What is the high like on the Friesland?
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    HortiLab Starbud

    I would.
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    Outdoor Iranian Auto Flower

    I will add that out of the original pack, there was one plant that flowered faster than the rest, it was a little darker green with wider leaves. It was also the hardest to reveg, though it eventually did under sun and lights at night. This is the plant that was reversed to makes some early...
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    Outdoor Iranian Auto Flower

    Hey northone, I agree, the IAF is exactly as you describe it. I find it relaxes me with a clear head (though somewhat stoned). It is potent with a long lasting effect. The flavor is really nice, with a diesel like piney hash taste. The bud has a sativa look with small calyxes and abundant small...
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    Wow, I've never seen a concentration like that. Gotta get the Bt out for that infestation.
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    outdoor mold resistant strains and autos?

    I have without a doubt seen mold resistance in certain plants. Had a Beatrix Choice from Super Sativa Seed Club that never molded while other varieties melted away in the same spot. If I recall correctly it was Durban/Afghani x Acapulco Gold.
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    Bruce Banner ( Og Kush X Rez's Strawberry Diesel) X Ft. Collins Cough ( Nl#5 x Haze)

    Great bag seed bud report! Got me excited, as I found a dozen seeds in a bag of Cough, and they all are females. Probably selfed. They look the same, but a couple have a very fruity smell when you rub the stem. The Cough is potent, and it will seriously burn you out if you smoke enough. Not good...
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    3rd Light depervation harvest this season

    That is an interesting clone Ken, should be very different effects from most herb. Sounds really nice from your description. What type of effect are you getting from the finger hash? How do you feel as the effect is wearing off? Any burnout?
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    Joint Doctor's - LowRyder

    I also grew LR when it first came out. I found it very low potency, but I used it in some breeding projects, and had some success when crossed to og kush and mango haze. I never found anything as nice as you found with LR, so I hope this means the strain has really improved. That first pheno is...
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    autoflowering strains

    Yes, I remember BB2, I couldn't recall what your line was called, and I seem to remember Greens did something else to his and changed the name. I recall Vision was making Bramble or something from the same genetics. I was first interested in the Auto's reading your threads over at CC. I was...
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    Mango Biche

    That's some pretty C. gold. I remember when Colombian weed was the dominant available when I first started partaking. Really strong it seemed to me in those days, I remember auditory hallucinations. I was young then though, and didn't know when to stop smoking, haha. That gold looks much better...
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    autoflowering strains

    Hey northone, can you share more about the early Iranian? How is the quality of the look, smell, taste and quality of the high? Good to hear the strength is there... Was it a pure Iranian do you think, and is it worth using for early hybrids? Did you try the 105 auto also? Sorry for so many...
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    autoflowering strains

    Yeah, forget about cloning fast autoflowering plants. I recall Greens who developed Guerilla Gold was able to clone his late flowering autos. BreederBrad is here, and he worked the same genetics as greens, developing another line. Maybe he will see this thread and share his experiences. From...
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