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  1. BudBogart

    Is this stuff any good?

  2. BudBogart

    Enough amber? To get coach lock effect

    Yup, I also had what seemed like stalled trichomes while the plant continued to fade, which of course brings the bugs. Eventually, my trichomes did turn, the sun leaves dried and shriveled , the weather turned cold, the buds turned purple and the bugs got too cold and left. I seldom get...
  3. BudBogart

    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    How long has hscompany been around? I’ve used HSO for 10 years, ordering thru Attitude and The Choice Seed bank. I just found the company in humboldt recently. Does the company have real good stuff?
  4. BudBogart

    Ready? Cloudy or clear trichomes. Help!!

    No one can tell trichomes without a magnifying tool. However, my hairs are always quite brown and receded before the trichomes finish . I would wait the week, at the minimum.
  5. BudBogart

    shook pot and a fine dust fell from the plant?

    Unless the dust flew away as tiny knats, it’s probably just dust. It’s not bug poop or you you know about the problem before now. If it returns, you need a magnifying tool to see what’s up.
  6. BudBogart

    First time growers question about bud safety

    Nothing you have described will make you sick.
  7. BudBogart

    Drying Your Long Awaited Harvest

    Well planted has it down pretty well. Instead of plastic bags or mason jars for curing, I have been using 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids, burping daily. This year, I added an air compressor and check valves feeding and emptying fresh air into the buckets. I haven’t any results yet, but I’m...
  8. BudBogart

    My acapulco gold photo and pineapple auto

    I grew an Acapulco Gold feminized seed. I think it was Barney’s, maybe HSO. It was a nice plant, not nothing like what I was expecting , not golden, not tall sativa, just a generic plant.
  9. BudBogart

    Can someone pm w me

    What a foot long actually looks like, but I’m glad you’re happy with your harvest. There are actual growers on here so I wouldn’t brag too too much.
  10. BudBogart

    Can someone pm w me

    Why don’t you just tell us what you are gonna do. I don’t think bud rot will be an issue.
  11. BudBogart

    Is this a bud worm?

    Finding 2-5 cats in a harvest is still a win.
  12. BudBogart

    Two Questions | Transplanting and Yield

    You don’t want to transplant autos or do anything else to interrupt their short grow window.
  13. BudBogart

    How much longer? Trichome pictures

    It looks like you grow outside? I do, in Northern California. My plants are a little further along than yours, at mostly cloudy with starts of amber on the sugar leaves. I could harvest mine now, with hardly any clear trichomes and call it a win. However, we don’t always get these beautiful...
  14. BudBogart

    Are these seedlings a lost cause? Is this damping off?

    What would kill a seedling during germination? Something powerful, a very hot soil that instantly killed the root? Unlikely, using bagged soil, slow release or not. My guess is the soil did not have any water during the first day of germination. You may not want slow release fertilizer in...
  15. BudBogart

    Autos or photoperiods - What do you prefer?

    Indoors you have more control with photos to grow and shape your plants to the best size for your tent before you flip, and photos are more potent than the same strain mixed with ruderalis. Outdoors...I could start some autos inside in March, transfer outdoors in May and have some fresh bud in...
  16. BudBogart

    How much longer? Trichome pictures

    Your comment about still clear trichomes is spot on. You don’t want to harvest clear trichomes and I saw no amber. The number of weeks in flower is a base guide that should not be used for harvest purposes.
  17. BudBogart

    Fall color tour let’s see em

  18. BudBogart

    How much product do you guys think I’ll get

    You might have tried growing in veg a little longer, filled more of the tent before flowering, but you did a good job!
  19. BudBogart

    TRICHOMES what do you prefer?

    I want an absence of clear trichomes. Whatever mix of cloudy and amber I get is fine as long as the clear trichomes have turned cloudy. Sometimes that’s 5% amber sometimes more.
  20. BudBogart

    Did my plant go into flower on its own ?

    Yes, those are female pistils.
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