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    Congress Ends Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition

    Congress Ends Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition
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    t5 ho just burned up.suggestions on new.

    My t5 ho just gave up turned on and spark spark burn lol. So I'm looking for suggestions on a t5 ho. 4' 8 bulbish.
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    seeds water method float sink repeat

    First for me normally after I throw seeds in cup of water they sink and stay sunk. These particular group of seeds will.sink to the bottom when water tension is broken and float to top after a couple hours bizarre. I'm not worried just thought it was weird.
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    oregon live marijuana debate
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    buying seeds in the heat.?higher failure?

    Does buying seeds in the heat cause a higher failure rate, It's going to in the 80s. For a while that doesn't include vehicle temperature. Thoughts opinions?
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    Canadian forced to use federal pot?
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    Medical marijuana in Oregon: Senate approves bill allowing local regulation but not ban of dispensar

    The Oregon Senate Tuesday unanimously approved Senate Bill 1531, legislation that allows local communities to regulate but not ban medical marijuana dispensaries. The bill now heads to the Oregon House of Representatives.
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    Medical marijuana in Oregon

    local regulation of dispensaries Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. (OTC: AFAI) announced today that its subsidiary Marijuana Holdings Americas, Inc. is pursuing its first licensing arrangements in...
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    bud turning brown I'm freaking out man

    I've never seen bud darken like this when drying
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    Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, and the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, is promoting the mariju

    Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, and the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, is promoting the marijuana referral, which he says could forestall an initiative with possible “unintended consequences” from being voted into law later this year. Under Prozanski’s proposal, if voters in November...
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    where's whazzup

    anyone have any idea where whazzup is.
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    obama commutes sentences.non violent offenders
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    16/12 flower cycle anyone try it.

    Im wondering if anyone has tried a 16/12 flower cycle to increase yield.Ive been told this will incfrease yield but lengthen flower time??:cool:
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    gnat identification needed.

    trying to be sure
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    600w e papillon/any experiance with?

    so i need to upgrade my the looks of the e papillon by phillips but cant get over the hood design. Does it actually help with heat and does it have a concentrated enough beem of light? Im trying to figure out if the hood is just glitter or if its truly functional theres not much...
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    upgrade lighting help.

    i have a grow area of 6'x3' and 5'4" celing height.Right now im runnning two 400cmh. what should i gear up to single 1000w? 860wcdm? one of phillips horti bulbs?
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    reverse osmosis filter.what are you using?

    thinking about gettin a ro system and would like ideas from others. or maybe i should just fix my well? still waiting on utility board for water quality .they seem to have lost records on the well its about 50 years old lol
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    860w phillips cdm anyone ever try a grow with these? Looks great to me but im pretty new at this.
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    root riot----to tuff for roots?

    It seems to me that i had a larger root bundle in the first two weeks from seed when i used 50/50 vermiculite and perlite. Are root riots tuffer for roots to penetrate? keeping in mind its only my second grow.
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    0regon state police opininons wanted

    I was getting water yesterday at a local river and was told by state police that he didnt think it was legal but he didnt know so i had to leave.but before leaving with no warning no fines he recorded all my info and took my cell phone number to call me back after he learned what the law was.I...
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