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    GRAFTING------Quest for SUPPER MOM

    Try the Approach Graft technique, only way I've seen it work yet and it took a lot longer than expected.
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    Here's one for you all

    Wow, that's the best glass boner I've had in a really long time bro. Absolutely gorgeous work.
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    Boneshine. DJ Short Clone

    What up cb, glad to see you taking her to the right size before flowering. She'll be a beast. You'll shit once she's cured. :character0035: This is one girl that rewards a proper cure big time. A month in a jar and she'll standup to any "berry" bud out there imo. Sick concentrates from her...
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    Green light spectrum for working at dark ?

    Green led christmas lights in the background work great. Yet to find anything that has thrown bananas because of them including known sensitive girls like Chem D. I still wouldn't use them close to the plants, just to pay respect to being burned in the past with light leaks or lights on during...
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    DWC First Time Hydro Grow

    They're curling because they're overfertilized, try backing down to 1000.
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    DWC First Time Hydro Grow

    No problem man. It's granular mind you so you get way better results dissolving it in a little water that you heat up. Best of luck.
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    DWC First Time Hydro Grow

    Try Sucanat as an alternative to Molasses. Much easier to dissolve but you gotta get it at a natural foods store usually.
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    Waterfarm Question

    As long as you're using hydroton, keep it running 24/7. People using these with coco need to moderate dripping. Run an airstone in the res bucket for A+ results. Best of luck.
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    ssh compared to todays top strains

    Echo :)
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    Old but not, new

    Good to see you around here junior ;)
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    2009 Candyland Clash of the Titans-Busted by the COPS

    Glad to see you back bro, sorry to hear you got fucked like that. Here's to a great comeback season.
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    Killer Queen

    One of my favorites, makes me just plain dumb and has such a great white grape kinda smell/taste. She kills in buckets too, very viney, crazy plant that grows beautiful head buds. Great post of a girl not enough people are familiar with Dr E. :yes
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    Vacation & my reefer plants!!!

    Yes it's a stupid term but I've heard it used just that way. Tough to explain regional colloquialisms and sarcarm on the net. Stick to straight up dictionary speak or people get their panties in a bunch.
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    Great shots of a great smoke.
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    My rare mini chocolope pheno e&f sog

    PH adjusting agents definitely affect ppm. If your water level is dropping too they may be eating more than you're realizing. If you really wanna know what they ate, add back the same amount of water they consumed and compare the ppm value to what you set them at in the last adjustment. Nice...
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    8 Waterfarms/11 7gal Coco pots, 2400w

    Awesome plants spinkus, they all look real happy with your guidance.
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    Restarting Growing:)

    Years and years in a fridge, wildly different results in variable temps/humidity. Pop em and find out, only way to know. :)
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    Irie Grow 400 watt DWC.

    Man, that's a real nice shrub. Excellent job training and feeding her bro, looks perfect. You're gonna be real happy with the return from that beauty, tops galore.
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    First Ebb & Flow Hydro Grow

    Better get at least a 40 gallon reservoir for a 4x4, get a 50 and you'll be a much happier camper.
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    Irie Grow 400 watt DWC.

    Looking very nice man, I'd top her any time and provoke her to branch early. You should get 6-8 branches that way, assuming she's game.
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