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    tom hill seeds??

    Hello boys/girls!! for that question that when will be on sale PTK, it will be this weekend ready!! but the Deep Chunk, it must wait a time to be ready to sale... i hope all understand it and have lot of patiencie to get it... soon it will be in your hand!! hope it will be ok for all...
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    Sólo tienes que decir "patata"!!!

    otro que dice patata!! como tamos gente española??? a postear se ha dicho ejejeje ahi nos vemos por alla!! ;) saludos a Spook, Wapsas y gente de CC ;)
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    i'm new in this forum!!!

    thank to all who give me good welcome!! i'm sure that will enjoy in this forum with us!! see ya at forum!! have a nice day!
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    i'm new in this forum!!!

    Hello all! i'm new register user, and i hope it will be a very good forum to sharing experiencies!! nice day to all!! see ya at forum!! :)
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