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    Hello from the beach

    Welcome to the farm Green-Girl! :hi Take care :sun
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    Hey - it's me - MsJones

    Welcome to the farm Ms. Jones! :hi :sun Take care
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    Whats up Fellow Farmers

    Welcome to the farm! :hi
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    Hello, Uk'er here

    Welcome to the farm! :hi
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    Greetings fellow THCfarmers'''

    Welcome to the farm! :hi
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    Whats up everyone, & ah special whats up to Cali!

    Welcome to the farm! :hi
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    greetings from snowy England

    High ukgirl420 welcome to the farm! :hi
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the farm naturegirl! :hi
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    Hi guys! Gretings from Bulgaria!

    Welcome to the farm! :hi
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    Growing BG genetics outdoors?

    How about Banana Smack outdoors? I like the sound of the sweet banana odor when flowering out. But can you smell her from far away? Or maybe Humboldt Express or Bubba Express... How is the odor level of all these strains?
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the farm GanjaMan! :hi
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    Hello from norcal

    Welcome to the farm!
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    Hello from the East Coast. SSSDH

    Welcome to the farm Seafrost! :hi
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    Welcome to the farm nismokid :hi
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    Hi. Nice to be here.

    Welcome to the farm :hi
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    Hello from north cali valley!

    Welcome to the farm :hi
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    Climbinghigh saying hi

    Welcome to the farm :hi
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    Purple Kush Indoor

    Very nice!
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    A hello from the dirty hippie!

    Welcome to the farm hippiemafia :hi
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    Cali script holder...

    Welcome to the farm bulldogbray! :hi Nice clones you got there! Can't wait to see some pics! :flower
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