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  1. smartcalyx

    Strongest strain you ever smoked?

    ogre kush
  2. smartcalyx

    Sterile male

    Ive got a purple nurplebx male whose pollen sacks open but no pollen comes out. The little nannaers even fall out but thes no type of powder @ all.. Discovered this the same way you did. Shook it over a cab full of mk ultra and nada......
  3. smartcalyx

    vietnam black x NL #5

  4. smartcalyx

    Let's see your PET'S super thread...

    Youre gonna love this, check out yeah its really a website
  5. smartcalyx

    vietnam black x NL #5

    Dude thats not mold! Thats spider mite webbing for sure
  6. smartcalyx

    8000w Lighting Controller "What Brand and Why"

    Was about to grab one of thes
  7. smartcalyx

    Any ideas whats going on here?

    ive experienced problems like this in the past. fuckin package mediums are going to shit these days. not sure if its the best answer but ive always use hydrogen peroxide when i see shit like this. 25ml per gallon, a little extra ventilation on the root zone, and make SURE your shits bone dry...
  8. smartcalyx

    Dry ice extraction

    ive recently been seal a meght around 140-150aling my dry sift, submerging it in water in a pot on the stove. hold it right around 140 degrees for about 5 hours then pressing it with 2 bricks and a vice. next run ill snap a few pics and throw em up
  9. smartcalyx


    Calcium would make sense...
  10. smartcalyx


    what is it that causes seed shells to severly harden? Ive been told.nitrogen and calcium?
  11. smartcalyx

    Grow or smoke, choose one.

    i love both pretty equally, but theres no way i could handle my babes all day without resisting an urge to smoke
  12. smartcalyx


    some pretty good moments. id see it again for sure
  13. smartcalyx


    wowzers. streer clear for sure bro. good lookin out on the heads up
  14. smartcalyx

    Kindone's 1600w organic scrog

    for sure. how long do you usually let he go?
  15. smartcalyx

    Kindone's 1600w organic scrog

    what strain is that finishing up?
  16. smartcalyx

    Kindone's 1600w organic scrog

    pics didnt work bro. are you planning on transplanting into soil? organic or chem? some solid genetics. never purchased cuts from a club, did you make sure to chek em out real good? ive heard plenty of pest horror stories coming from club cuts
  17. smartcalyx

    pre 98 BUBBA KUSH..200 plants under 4x1000 hps and 1x1000 mh....

    krasi summed it up exactly as i would. a couple quick foliars with some epsom salts should handle it. lookin baller otherwise though
  18. smartcalyx

    Sannies buffer tabs anyone?

    thanks! ill check him out! think i know who youre talkin about. thats dude with the leps right?
  19. smartcalyx

    glass or titanium nail?

    ive been using glass nails for a few weeks since i bought an oil rig. the nails are only 4 bucks, but within a few days they look super fucked up or break. and im pretty cautious about torching it too long. any advice? or should i just say fuck it and make the switch to titanium?
  20. smartcalyx

    Sannies buffer tabs anyone? anybody have any experience with these? they seem a little too good to be true. any input would be greatly appreciated before i waste loot in order to satisfy curiosity
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