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  1. Greenjourneyman

    Thinking of playing mad scientist

    Go with a phosphoric before sulfuric. The HPO3 will give you a little P kick for later on inthe bloom. Sulfuric acid just burns roots.
  2. Greenjourneyman

    Spider mites in the flowering room

    Hey man, that’s a bad infestation you got there. once webbing sets in, it’s bad news bears. it hasn’t been thrown out there yet, but the nylon covered vacuum method can be Quite effective for whole scale destruction of the colony. all others have given great suggestions for prepping and...
  3. Greenjourneyman

    Thinking of playing mad scientist

    All the time. I’ve recently been doing a hybrid medium method with coco and nutrient rich soil Mix for my substrate. Then using the Organic Roots hydro nutrient line during the veg phase and bloom phase. this current harvest and my next one will be the best yet. The system is working.
  4. Greenjourneyman

    Basement lab

    Had a buddy of mine stop by with his high quality camera. Finding some of the beauty in these sacred feminines.
  5. Greenjourneyman

    Nocturnal Apparitions of Azure!! (Blue Dream Comparisons)

    It won’t yield as much as your beast, but this flower here is off the Humboldt Dream line. I like calling it bruple dream as I feel it have some haze undertones. anyway this is much more interesting than the little plants I started this chain with, they are still with us, but untended and...
  6. Greenjourneyman

    Newbie question: Humidity dome yes or no?

    Needed for clones. Not always for seeds.
  7. Greenjourneyman

    Are these ready to harvest?

    Aren’t you glad we convinced you to wait. That’s a monster
  8. Greenjourneyman

    Basement lab

    A little flower porn. The basement Lab is running just fine, I am getting better results from the bloom tents. I have mad two large changes to the environment including light and nutz. And boy are they working in my favor. Keep trucking ladies. It’s an exciting time just past day 45. I do...
  9. Greenjourneyman

    Advice appreciated

    Naw, it’s something to think about next time around You veg. An even canopy height means more dispersal of the light evenly acros all plants and buds. Other ad I would give Is to spend a little more time pruning prior to the bloom ray to consolidate your bugs near the to of the plant. It’s...
  10. Greenjourneyman

    Advice appreciated

    Impressive grow spot you have going there. next time around try to have them be the same height.
  11. Greenjourneyman

    I don’t know what’s wrong

    You need new homes for sure. Not in direct relation to your wilt problem but bigger pots is a must. looks like you have two things going on, the nitrogen hook. It’s needs feeding, and you have an overwatering issue. start with the transplant and a feeding when done.
  12. Greenjourneyman

    POTM Nominations - Oct 2020

    Post: Grower: @GreatWhiteShart Strain: Unknow
  13. Greenjourneyman

    Patience, Patience, 60 days is a while - Read before you ask

    But it doesn’t have to be the case. most every question I’ve seen this week, (minus 10% of dialogue or actually botany/ methodology related questions) could have been answered with a google search And personal observation. maybe I’m more into self empowerment Before crowd source.
  14. Greenjourneyman

    Patience, Patience, 60 days is a while - Read before you ask

    Been another rash of annoying when will questions this week. just a refresher.
  15. Greenjourneyman

    When should I harvest?? And what do you think I will yield??

    The wet weight divided by 12
  16. Greenjourneyman

    Are these Nutrients suitable for Cannabis

    Those are 10 kilo bags. Maybe try something of less volume to start. A single Kg will last any indoor grow a long long time. Both of those are really really high in K, you may want to look into something with more P especially for the bloom cycle
  17. Greenjourneyman

    My Plant Got Sick with cheap Calcium

    Additives go in the soil not on the plant. also when using nitro derived cal mag you will have to adjust pH as those products generally Spike toward acidic.
  18. Greenjourneyman

    Just needing some friendly Advice

    Looking really nice, but longer. with those white pistils still coming you have 2 maybe 3 Weeks still. If you have a jewelry loupe you’re looking for milky / amber trichombes not the clear ones you have now
  19. Greenjourneyman

    Help, Brown Veins on leaves

    Over water
  20. Greenjourneyman

    Her Name is Triple X

    Sure let me just take out my magic tree identification book.
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