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    Athena Nutrient Line

    Yeah I thought that was the case,thank you very much for your reply and time :)
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    Athena Nutrient Line

    I recently switched to Athena Nutrient line and could not get an answer about using roots excelurator with this line? I made a small res (25 gallons) of it as follows RO water 0 ppm .5 ml/gal Power Si (waited 20 mins to add anything else) 2.5 ml/gal CalMag 2 ml/gal Cleanse 4 ml/gal Grow A 4...
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    PPM Drop

    Yeah I believe it is our plants starving.....I went to 600 ppm tonight and fed them and when I was done (20 mins) I was at 490 ppm,so yeah I think I just never paid that much attn to PPM's,and focused solely on PH levels.
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    PPM Drop

    I have always been a less is better kind of person when it comes to hydro nutes. I am doing a flood to drain in rockwool. In Veg I was about 300 PPM and I noticed the plants were starving. I am flipping to flower this week and have done a res change after a one day flush. I refilled res and...
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    from hypochlorous acid to pool shock
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    from hypochlorous acid to pool shock

    Isn't Flying Skull z7 same as Hydro guard except it is not watered down....z7 is MUCH HIGHER concentration for 1/3 the price or so.
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    Overuse of Eagle 20 and systemics makes resistant fungi

    I have used Immunox Plus from Home Depot with Airoclean420 and have not seen it since :)
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    The Best Led On The Market?

    I may give these a go.
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    Reverse Osmosis With Current Culture Under Currentcont

    If you use tap water you will not need to add cal mag. You will need to add everything else. The deal with tap is you do not know exactly what is in it , and the roots do not favor chlorine.
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    First Grow So Far

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest is pretty hot soil , you shouldn't need to give any nutes for about 2 months. As far as PH goes in soil..I never measure it or worry about it. Just water when it's dry and plenty of good light. People tend to overthink shit and wreck stuff..keep it simple!
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    315w Cmh In A 4 X 4

    I did 2 315's on a 4x4 table..was great. I tried just a single 315 and it was not quite enough. A single 315 will do a 3x3 but I will never do another 4x4 with a single 315 again..its a waste of time/money/effort.
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    Small 300w Marz Led Fridge Grow.. White Widow Auto

    Ever looked at LEC lighting.....will cover a 4x4 area for same wattage. Looking good though :)
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    S1 / R1 Kush Micro Grow

    Beautiful plants !!
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    Breeding for whorls

    I recently started a seed and had this mutation...thought you might find it interesting. It grew a 8 finger leaf with 3 branches on the third node.
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    I found a lone seed all packaged up like it was special , so I sprouted it and it had spit out a 8 finger deformed leaf on the 3rd node. Looking closer it has spit out 3 branches on this 3rd node...anyone ever seen this? What does it mean?
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    Thanks guys! I knew some would die,And I grow some killer indoor,and never seen yellowing like that.......guess its a whole different ballgame outside....thanks a lot guys!
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    I am growing 3 clones outdoors here in SOCAL of LA.Woman,and the leaves are starting to turn yellow. Soil is Fox Farm ocean forrest . The plants were put outdoors in mid june , fed regular strength fox farm grow big in late july one time. Plants were doing awesome....started to flower aug...
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    Don't know the name of this is very danky/musky almost makes you ill smell....a friend told me it was called POWER. It is a strong indica heavy branching short plant.
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