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    Indiana Bubblegum

    still waiting on smoke reports. as for a cross between ibg and blueberry no go. sadly i think ima ditch my blueberry male he starts flowering when rootbound and is very hard to bring out of it. even if i clone him the clones automaticly start putting out balls. cant have a loose cannon...
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    simply because for every one person that would buy a pack at those prices and be happy as hell there would be 10 people online bitching about it talking shit about me as for purpling stuff up in the future i still got my male and a couple other great dpd males not to mention i'll be...
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    O'kief Crop master tumbler

    i need to learn the secrets to dry sift. it would be so much less of a mess for me but every batch i've ever made nomatter the method never melted just brunt and was super harsh on my lungs and didnt taste good like my bubble. care to share some info sometime?
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    wouldnt be worth it without charging crazy prices consideing each plant produces about 25-50 seeds on the same size plant that would make 500 gorilla grape seeds
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    hopefully yes but as i've stated many times all over i may not be able to make f4's at all. the female i used to make the f3's passed on a nasty trait that the females of this line will not produce many seeds, and VERY VERY few that are actually mature. if i cant find a keeper that doesnt...
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    DPD f3 Take 2

    yes it also adds color and helps weak statured plants that have stringy, floppy, long noded stems and branches.
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    Indiana Bubblegum

    i plan to breed more with it in the future but need to study the cross i made with her already and evaluate for further use. some plants are the shit by themselves but do nothing to improve crosses. thats one of the reasons i hit so many things with the same dpd dad. im so used to seeing...
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    Gorilla Grape dried budshot

    its going to be a while folks. gotta remember im one dude trying to supply thousands of seed hungry stoners lol
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    Reef. my seeds did not germinate

    i had no luck with mine either, just got his ssh love potion and williams wonder in the mail the other day hopefully those actually germ when the time comes
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    Seed Curing or Drying

    i've never gotten fresh wet seeds to germ, lay em on cardboard for a acouple weeks and they'll pop. i usually wait 3-4 weeks before trying to germ.
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    Sfv og kush x dpd

    i got other plans for that lol
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    I'm picking up some East Coast Purple Diesel

    most keepers from this line will take 9-11wks.
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    Magic Merlin in Colorado

    not rare just hard for me to keep in stock. they seem to sell out as fast as they are listed. ill be making more soon.
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    DPD f3 Take 2

    thanks for bringing that to my attention. it is down for some reason i've just emailed the company as for email notices i'll try to be more reliable with those
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    DPD f3 Take 2

    i believe that came from 1 pack of seeds that were sent out as testers. not sure if that was a 5 or 10 pack tho
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    DPD f3 Take 2

    you mean like these ones?
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    East Coast Purple Diesel Test Grow

    there are none in stock anywhere atm but its high on my list to restock just gonna take time
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    either late this year or early next. getting ready to flower another run of f3's for further parent selection now.
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    I'm picking up some East Coast Purple Diesel

    so far i think ripz was the only one to finish them. he didnt get much purple i dont think but said it was so dank that it was too strong and he was giving the rest to a friend lol
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